Published On: Tue, Jun 9th,

Facebook Messenger Download & Updates Payments Feature, Hiding Locations & More

Facebook Newsroom notes has announced that Facebook becoming the one of the top social networking sites as number of its monthly active users has crossed 1.44 billion as of March 31,.

In latest report by Facebook Newsroom notes, it has mentioned that 936 million daily active users on average for the month of March, in which 798 million were on mobile. According to recent incredible statistics, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Social networking giant Facebook is still ruling in social media.

The credit of impressive accomplishment goes to the Zuckerberg-led company’s messaging app, the Facebook Messenger.

It is examined that a large number of people love to do chat or SMS texts over its instant-messaging (IM) counterpart and Facebook Messenger has been appearing for years consistently as the most popular mobile IM app.

These statistics was emerged in the result of recent survey of 509 people commissioned by RingCentral, the CIO reported. It said to be days ago that Facebook Messenger has new features as the payments feature and the caller ID feature which will be in reach of every user but in USA.

User can easily as well instantly send and receive amount to his friends by using payments feature in a conversation, or to other individuals in a group chat.

Two options appear by using the feature: (1) by clicking on the dollar bill icon, and (2) by typing out a dollar amount which automatically turns into a hyperlink.

However, the feature is in reach on Android and iOS devices in the United States, India, the United Kingdom and France.

The caller ID— on one hand, offer Messenger users more information on who is attempting to connect with them, as per TopTechNews.

David Marcus, Vice President of Messaging Products stated like this, “Now you’ll have context about the people contacting you on Messenger with a bigger photo and more details about how you’re related, and much more,”