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Top 10 Philanthropists of Pakistan

The Pakistani people are generous in any view of sharing and giving. The country houses many such people who are living their life with the passion to sever others. Here in this article, we are enlisting top 10 such individuals who inspire us daily. They are the top 10 philanthropists of Pakistan who have made the country proud. Scroll down to find further:

10. Shehzad Roy

Shehzad Roy is a known singer and social worker. He set up Zindagi Trust in 2002. It is an NGO which specifically focuses on the importance of education. Roy also hosted “Chal Parha”, a documentary series in which he journeyed through the country and addressed the issues faced by public education. In 2003, the NGO announced the idea of “Paid to Learn.” According to this plan, poor students were paid to study as an alternative of doing labor. After the initiative of “Paid to Learn”, the next step was the introduction of public school reforms. The singer was also requested by Harvard University for delivering a lecture regarding music and his efforts to spread quality education. He was also awarded by Sitara e Imtiaz.

9. Masarrat Misbah

Masarrat Misbah is the founder of Depilex Smile Again Foundation. She is truly among those philanthropists who are pride of Pakistan. She was awarded Lifetime Achievement Award by Lux Style Awards. Her Depilex Beauty Salon has been serving a large number of acid victims and changing their lives radically. DSF not just help the acid victims medically but also provides them legal and financial support. It provides them job support and job placement in order to make them able to stand on their feet. DSF is doing its best to educate people regarding violence against women.

8. Ramzan Chhipa

The creator of Chhipa Welfare Association, Ramzan Chhipa was awarded Sitara e Imtiaz for his amazing contributions in social welfare. The Bohri Bazar bomb blast of 1987 was a life transforming instant for him. He swore to himself to dedicate the remaining life in serving humanity. Offering rescue facility around-the-clock, the welfare cares for abandoned babies, deliver daily meals to low income families and the poor. It owns the largest fleet of ambulances. Ramzan Chhipa is probably going to be future Edhi of Pakistan.

7. Maulana Bashir Farooqi

The founder of Saylani Welfare Trust, Molana Bashir Farooq, is among top 10 philanthropists of Pakistan who made the country proud. The trust was set up in 1999 in Karachi. Its purpose is to feed the homeless. Through over 100 ‘Dastarkhuwans’, the trust offers meals to 30000 homeless and poor, twice a day. It also initiated the plan of providing CNG Rickshaws to jobless people. It runs various free of cost dispensaries and medical centers.

6. The Citizens Foundation

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Among the largest NGO’s in Pakistan, TCF contains quite a significant position. The organization focuses on improving the quality and supply of education in slums and rural areas. It was established by a collection of individuals who were inclined in doing charitable works. The project began with 5 schools and currently it spans over 1000 schools across the country, educating more than 150,000 students. Students are charges with respect to their affordability. The foundation also offers scholarship programs and a training center for teachers for providing quality education. The CF also conducted relief operations in areas affected by earthquakes providing people food, clothing and constructed 21 schools to educate affected children.

5. Asma Jahangir

The ex-reporter of UN Asma Jahangir is the creator of the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan. Asma is the first woman who succeeded in becoming the Supreme Court Bar Association of Pakistan’s president. In her whole career, she has been keenly concerned about the women and human rights, children rights and rights of religious minorities in Pakistan. She with her sister, founded AGHS Legal aid in 1986. It is the 1st free legal aid center in country. She also raised voice against human rights abuses happening in police and government custody in Pakistan. She has been rightly labelled as the boss of the human-rights commission in Pakistan, by economists. Asma claims many international and national awards including Ramon Magsaysay Award, Sitara e Imtiaz and Hilal e Imtiaz. She stands 5th in our list.

4. Dr Adeebul Hasan Rizvi

Dr. Rizvi is the creator of Pakistan’s leading and largest Urology and Transplantation Institute, Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation. SIUT offers free of cost modern medical facilities to all patients. Their mission is that lack of affordability must not be the cause of someone’s death. The credit goes to the efforts by Dr. Rizvi which enabled Pakistan to stand among the countries offering cadaver organ transplantation.

3. Dr. Ruth Pfau

Dr. Ruth was born in Leipzig in 1929. But the German born is currently ranked among the top 10 Philanthropic of Pakistan. Rather than living a common man’s life, she wanted to serve humanity and so something for her people. Therefore, she became part of a catholic order and dedicated all of her remaining life in serving the people of Pakistan. Her main focus was the Leprosy eruption in Pakistan and hence initiated from a hut in Macleod Road’s slum area for treating patients of leprosy. A large number of people visited to avail the treatment all across the country and even from Afghanistan and India. Ruth was awarded with the highest civil award of Pakistna, “Nishan e Qaid e Azam” with eight more national awards.

2. Ansar Burney

Burney is accredited of actually familiarizing the idea of human rights in country. After graduating his Law degree, he established Ansar Burney trust for the welfare of prisoners. By time, the network grew and presently compasses all fields of human rights. In 2007, Ansar served as Federal Human Rights Minister. Later in 2008, he was elected as a member of UN Human Rights Council Advisory Committee. He effectively dealt with some international cases including the popular release of twenty-two hostages from Somali pirates. The passengers were from Sri Lanka, Egypt and India. He earned over 250 international and national awards.

1. Abdul Sattar Edhi

The name definitely needs no introduction. Abdul Sattar Edhi is the name behind the most popular Edhi Foundation. Around 60 years back, he started his philanthropic contributions by establishing a small dispensary. Presently, his organization has working centers all across the country including women shelters, drug rehabilitation centers, food centers for the homeless, clinics, old houses, orphanages and the largest “volunteer emergency ambulance service” in the world.

His wife, Bilquis Edhi, operates a maternity home and manages concerns regarding adoption of abandoned and illegitimate babies. Whether it is bombings in Gaza or an earthquake in Nepal, Edhi always uses to do his best to help the devastated and needy. Besides 9 national honors, Edhi has claimed sixteen international awards for his outstanding contributions. He has also been a nominee for Nobel peace prize. He was labelled as ‘a legendary charity worker known for his asceticism’ by The Guardian. Edhi is also considered as the world’s greatest living humanitarian. He stands number one on the list of top 10 Philanthropists of Pakistan who have made this country proud.


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