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Top 10 List of Best Law Schools in the World

When we talk about top best law schools around the world it merely means the ranking of universities with respect to their overall syllabus, education system, worldwide reputation, entire results and turnover of students every year.

There are some universities in the world which always stayed at top positions because of their overall education standards and esteemed values to students. Most of best Law schools on the planet could be found in western region and if we went closer that it can be stated that United States and United Kingdom are home to best and top ranked law schools and universities all around the globe.

Here we are discussing the best law schools so keeping on the point we arranged top best law schools in the world following their scores and ranking, the list of top ten best law schools in the world is given below for you.

10: Columbia University

Established in 1754 Columbia University is a private Ivy League research university in Upper Manhattan which is among the fourteen founding members of the Association of American Universities. It is one of most important centers of research, distinctive and distinguished learning setting for undergraduates and graduate students offering many scholarly and professional fields.

Columbia University stand among the best law schools in the world following advance knowledge and learning at the highest level and its research support contrary to other universities.

9: University of California, Berkeley

The public research university located in Berkeley University of California is one of six leading university brands and one of best law schools in the world. The leading academic institution is best known for size and quality of its research and publications, faculty and students, libraries and laboratories offering variety of disciplines to graduate and undergraduate students.

University of California is the best-value public colleges and universities in the nation and ranked first among public universities with 2nd highest number of academic programs in all disciplines.

8: The University of Melbourne

The Australian public research university was founded in 1853 which has considered as an international leader in research and learning for over 150 years. Australia’s second oldest university and oldest in Victoria University of Melbourne is one of best law schools in world which offers flexible and pioneering programs around 300 undergraduate- graduate study fields.

It is the popular destination of international students following its worldwide reputation for delivering high-caliber qualifications, learning, teaching and research work having worldwide alumni networks.

7: London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

Located in London the public research university London School of Economics and Political Science is another best law schools all around the globe. London School of Economics has wide range of disciplines for students including social sciences, mathematics, statistics, media, philosophy and history and its core economics and political science.

The world’s leading dedicated social science institution has been ranked among world’s best universities and among top five universities in accounting and finance, development studies, communication and media and world-leading research compared to all other British universities.

6: Stanford University

One of the world’s most prestigious institutions Stanford University was founded in 1885 recognized as leading research and teaching institution in the eyes of general public worldwide.

Stanford University offers its students incredible range of academic and extra-curricular activities pursuing multidisciplinary initiatives in the areas of biosciences for both undergraduate and graduates to work with faculty and researchers. The leading producer of members of the United States Congress has been added among the best law schools on the planet, ranked among top position in almost all of discipline it offers.

5: New York University (NYU)

Founded in 1831 New York University is an American research institution, comprised on more than twenty schools, colleges, and institutes from Manhattan to Downtown Brooklyn. The largest private nonprofit institution of American higher education is one of best law schools in the world ranked among top US universities following tax law, international law, clinical psychology, public policy, business, economics, film and media among other fields.

The most Oscar winners of any university it has been considered as the leading and prestigious education platform not only in United States or United Kingdom but all over the world.

4: Yale University

The private research university in New Haven Yale University is 3rd oldest institution of higher education in United States which comprised of twelve constituent schools. It has been named as international leader of educating students offering comprehensive range of disciplines with number of institutions, colleges and schools.

It is home to third-largest academic library in the United States holding more than 15 million volumes to serve all schools; the university has graduated hundreds of members of Congress including many high-level diplomats of United States.

3: University of Oxford

Located in Oxford the collegiate research University of Oxford is the oldest university in English-speaking world and second-oldest surviving university having 38 constituent colleges. It has largest university press in the world and largest academic library system in the United Kingdom while stand among top best law schools around the globe.

The internationally renowned center for teaching and research attracts students and scholars across the world having a quarter of students belonged to other countries with more than 130 nationalities.

2: University of Cambridge

University of Cambridge is one of the oldest universities in the world and one of the largest in the United Kingdom with global academic reputation and intellectual achievement of its students. The collegiate public research university is home to more than 100 academic departments organized into six schools, ranked among the world’s best and most reputable universities.

Beside of disciplines and academic studies student life is very extraordinary with number of adventurous activities and sports clubs while it following the law education it was added in the list of top best law schools in the world.

1: Harvard University

Harvard University is one of the most prestigious universities in the world, devoted to superiority in teaching, learning, and research work. The University can be organized into eleven separate academic units which have been considered as developing leader all over the world following the comprehensive range of disciplines it is offering to its graduate and undergraduate students.

It has topped the list of best law schools in the world while the highly residential research university stands among top positions in various fields of education consistently.