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Top 10 Most Weird Medical Disorders

1. The Woman having 200 Orgasms per day

Sarah Carmen, a 24 years woman from United Kingdom, is 200-a-day orgasm lady who takes good, good, GOOD vibrations from nearly anything. According to doctors, she is suffering from Permanent Sexual Arousal Syndrome, which upsurges blood flow to reproductive organs. Carmen says that she sometimes needs to try so much intercourse in order to reach the level of calmness. “I get bored of it”, she says. The woman further claims that her partners need not to do much effort as she reaches the climax very easily.

She is of the view that her condition was caused by the pills. She started to get more and more excited more and more frequently and she started to have endless orgasms. During bed, her intimate sessions with her boyfriend used to last for hours and she achieved the orgasm a way lot of times. In 6 months, she had almost 150 orgasms per day, with the maximum count of 200. Her boyfriend got split with her and she spent time with new partners who are in an endless struggle to meet her desires. It looks exciting when she tells people about her problem, but according to Carmen, she has got the extreme desire to end this whole mess and enjoy the peace of mind like a normal human being.

2. The Man Who Never Gains Wait

59 years old Mr. Perry, can eat anything he likes – including desserts, burgers and unlimited pies and never gain wait at all. He cannot get fat because of a situation known as lipodystrophy that helps his body burn fat very rapidly. He was a fat child, but he dropped his wait almost overnight when he was 12. At start, he attempted to eat more for gaining weight, but it was all in vain. He underwent a decade of tests prior to the diagnosis of disease. Finally, it was found that his body was producing insulin 6 times more than a normal body. According to doctors, it was truly the case of a “slimmer’s dream”.

3. The Guy Who Does not Feel Cold

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Wim Hof is a Dutchman, who is also recognized as the Iceman. Hof swims under ice, and stands in containers full of ice. He has climbed the Moutn Blanc wearing shorts in the freezing cold temperature, collected world records and at all times stands ready for new encounters. Scientists are unable to exactly explain his case, but the 48-year Dutchman is capable to endure, and even grow well, in temperatures that could prove lethal to an average individual.

4. The Boy Who is Unable to Sleep

The cure looking 3 year kid, Rhett Lamb, is frequently irritable like any other child, but he has one thing special: an infrequent medical disorder in which does not let him sleep a wink. He is awake almost 24 hours a day, and this condition has puzzled doctors and his parents for years. They used to take clock shifts in order to watch his every sleep-lacking mood to find out what troubled the young boy. After numerous contradictory opinions, David Lamb and Shannon ultimately found out what problem was faced by their child: Rhett was diagnosed by doctors with an enormously rare disorder known as chiari malformation. Luckily, after a lot of treatment, the kid has undergone a successful surgery. He is now able to enjoy sound sleep like a normal person.

5. Allergic to Water

Ashleigh Morris is a Teenager who cannot soak in a hot bath, go swimming or enjoy a shower at the ned of a tiring day at work, all because she is allergic to water. She even gets painful rashes when she gets wet in her own sweat. The 19-year-old Ashleigh is from Melbourne. She is allergic to water irrespective of its temperature. She is facing this condition from the age of 14. According to doctors, she is suffering an extremely infrequent skin illness known as Aquagenic Urticaria. There are just a handful of cases are reported across the world.

6. The Woman Who Does no Forget Anything

This is the tale of AJ, an amazing 40-year-old wedded lady who remembers everything. McGaugh and associated UCI researchers Elizabeth Parker and Larry Cahill have been reviewing the surprising case of an individual who has “automatic, uncontrollable and nonstop ” memory of her individual history and uncountable public occasions. If you haphazardly choose a date from previous twenty five years and inquire her about it, she will generally deliver elaborate, confirmed details regarding what occurred to her that day and if there were any important news happenings on subjects that attracted her. She normally remembers the day of the week and weather at that day. The woman has been coded AJ in order to sustain her privacy.

7. The Girl Who Lives on Tic Tacs

Natalie Cooper is a teenager who possesses an unknown disease that makes her ill every time she eats anything. Only one thing that does not make her sick is Tic tac mint! Doctors are still unable to explain the reason. But, Tic tacs are the only things that are absorbed by her stomach. Therefore, she has to take the rest of her nourishment from a particularly formulated feedstuff through a tube.

8. The Hiccupping Musician

The 24 years old Chris Sands, is from Lincoln. He hiccups as frequently as every 2 seconds – and even sometimes when he sleeps. Numerous cures have been tried by him, which include including yoga and hypnosis, but all in vain. Mr. Sands is of the view that his problem arises from an acid reflux disorder produced by an injured valve in his stomach. Mr. Sands is a support singer in the band Ebullient, but his condition has disadvantaged his career as in the whole career, he has been able to perform only 4 times.

9. The Girl That Collapses When She Laughs

2o years old Kay Underwood, has cataplexy, meaning that nearly any kind of solid emotion activates a dramatic failing of her muscles. Surprise, fear, anger, awe, exhilaration and even humiliation can cause her to all of a sudden collapse on the spot.
Kay is from Leicestershire and she was diagnosed with this illness 5 years back. She even collapsed once over 40 times in one day. Like many other cataplexy victims, Ms. Underwood is also fighting with narcolepsy – a disorder that causes her fall down to sleep without caution.

10. Allergic to Modern Technology

Finally on our list, we have a woman who is even allergic to modern technology. There are a lot of individuals around us who use mobile phones, use microwave ovens or drive a car; it is all normal part of everyday life in twenty-first century Britain. But performing any such jobs is impossible for Debbie Bird – as she is allergic to Microwaves and Cell Phones. She is 39 and hypersensitive to the ‘smog’ or electromagnetic field produced by microwave ovens, mobile phones, computers and even some automobile cars. All of these things develop a throbbing skin rash and cause her eyelids to swell to 3 times their size. Consequently, she has altered her house into an zone free of EMF in order to stay healthy.