Published On: Tue, Jul 26th,

Pokemon Go Breaks App Store Record for the most Download in the First Week

The journey between the real world and the virtual world of Pokemon with the Pokemon Go for the iPhone and the Android devices. Sure the Pokemon Go is popular and most wide spread as it set the new iTunes App Store record. Apple confirmed that the Pokemon Go download for maximum times in its first week than any other app in the history. The company has refused to give the official counts of the Pokemon Go app or even the counts of which app previously held the record.

Pokemon Go is now become a cultural occurrence since is launched on 6th July in the United States. Pokemon Go is now available in Canada, Hong Kong, Australia, Greece, Sweden, Switzerland and other 25 countries. The free mobile game rent out user to see small creatures which is called Pokemon through their phones, if they existed in the real world. It enables people to rack up miles of distance in an effort to grab them all. It catch exceptional famed and just in four days make it No. 1 free app in the United State App Store.

At earlier this week the App analytical company Sensor Tower said that, Nintendo and Niantic app has been downloaded for 30 million times on the Android and iOS and has earned US $ 35 million in revenues. The app is used more on daily bases as compare to the most established app which also including the Facebook.

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The financial firm Needham has revealed that Pokemon Go can add the US $ 3 billion to the Apple’s sales in the next 12 to 24 month, as two-third of App downloads are happen on the iOS devices and about 80% of the app spending to buy the lures, lucky eggs and the extra storage which also taking place on the iOS devices.

Due to the popularity of the Pokemon Go in the market, conversely slowdown the market for the other apps. The Data sources like the Sensor Tower shown the tremendous decline in the numbers of other apps and only the few people who are looking for the new apps beyond the offering of most uses app often. Now the Pokemon Go has become the notable trend to the exception.