Published On: Mon, Mar 23rd,

Top Ten Most Expensive iPhone/iPad Apps in The World

Apple’s iOS operating system is one of leading and foremost in smart phones industry, considered as immense competitor of Google’s developed android. Having millions of apps in it Apples’s iOS has been used by millions of people and downloads the required apps from app store.

At app store there are numerous free applications available of different categories including games, utility, books, business, and lifestyle, medical among many others; same with free apps the app store has massive collection of paid apps ranging from $1 to $999. We are talking about the top paid apps and listed below top ten most expensive apps.

10: KGulf

Khaled Al-Salem developed KGulf is 2D hydrodynamics Prediction model for the Arabian Gulf and Kuwait which capable to provide 2D tidal current and water level and gave the hourly results of at any selected grid inside Arabian Gulf waters. The grid spacing is about 5-8 km in the Arabian Gulf with total of 3692 wet grid inside the Gulf and validated using a tide prediction model, RMA-10 HD model and using some ground measurements. The application is considered as best utility app and added in the list of top most expensive iPhone/iPad apps.

9: DDS GP Yes!

DDS GP Yes in an app which is capable to demonstrate dentist work on iPhone/iPad, is one of most expensive app with price of $399 while Top In-App Purchases is available in $99 bringing total to $499. The application has been developed by dentist that basic purpose is to It helps professionals show specific treatment plans through an efficient presentation. The app is considerably helpful for the doctors to handle and understand the current situation of their patients in a very clear and effective manner.

8: is stylish cashier app on app store which different style to handle cash in it, the routine work has been managed through this app very efficiently. For price of $999 it is added in the list of top expensive apps which belongs to business category and has ability to input all daily transaction in it in quick manner as it also shows results of inflow and outflow. The latest customized app has only 26 Mb has required OS 7.0 or later to install and compatible with iPhone, iPod, and iPad touch as well.

7. BarMax CA

BarMax, developed by Harvard Law School alumni, is a foremost complete bar exam review course with the uppermost overall pass rates and all for just $999 it is named in list of top most expensive apps. The comprehensive app include Outlines and audio lectures from Harvard Law School-educated law professors, 1,500+ real MBE questions from previous bar exams, practice essays and performance tests, Writing feedback from former bar exam graders, outlines for note taking, inclusive study calendar and task list, Flash cards categorized by subject and Lifetime access to all materials.

6: Alpha-Trader

Alpha-Trader is basically a trading set designed for investment professionals that it provides all common asset information like real-time stock price, portfolio overview such as portfolio probable return, risk control information and profit/loss, asset risk, portfolio risk and Value at Risk. For the price of $999 it is enlisted in top expensive app which is also stocks/mutual funds search engine, Portfolio Re-Balancer, Risk Controller, Portfolio Optimizer and Backtester compatible with iPad.

5: MobiGage NDI

MobiGage is another business application which is used for the examination of manufactured parts and assemblies while it also capable to create, edit, and run measurement plans and automate inspection processes. The exclusive features of top most expensive app costs $999 while features included Design and Engineering, Article Inspection, Part Inspection, Assembly, Setting Details and Tool Building, Quality Control and Process Control. Titansan Engineering Inc. developed MobiGage NDI that has requirements of iOS 3.0 or later while compatible with iPhone, iPod, and iPad.

4: Agro

The productivity app Agro has size of 48.8 MB but has amazing features which are just exceptional including Store client details, Create and email professional paddock, eliminate the need to travel back while also has option of creating and customizing the app as needed. With positive reviews from users it is considered the best one from developer side which price is also $999 and enrolled it in the list of top most expensive iPhone/iPad apps while app is optimized for iPhone 5.

3: QSFFStats

The sports genre app is QSFFStats product from Brad Cummings which has ability to keep data of all football team updated while also offer the all stats of different leagues. It provides all insides about any football league by adding Passing, Receiving, Yards, Scores, and Interceptions to its stats. The application is fully compatible with apple smart products while it holds only space of 0.4 MB while the price is $999 for which it named in the list of top expensive apps offered by third party at iTunes.

2: CyberTuner

Reyburn CyberTuner is also one of top most expensive apps offered by iTunes which costs $999 and added in our list. The musical app is professional piano technicians tuning tool having comprehensive insights of piano, the developer’s wished that users have basic knowledge about tuning piano before using the app. It is considered as expert system of piano and capable to make every type of music while its installation requires operating system 6.0 or later.

1: VIP Black

VIP Black is luxurious lifestyle app designed for millionaire to get VIP treatment from developer’s partner following surprise gifts, exclusive rates, welcome packages, priority access, complimentary upgrades, including other exclusive opportunities across iVIP Ltd’s worldwide range of luxury partners and services. The application is exceptional in real terms providing the genuine VIP lifestyle with amazing and elite services in price of $999 which also made it expensive one.