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Top 10 List of Best Animated Movies of all Time kids Love To See New Animated Movies

In childhood, kids love to see cartoons and admire them. They were the only entertainment for kids at that time. Despite with the change in technology and all the things becoming advance, so that the movie industry.

With latest technology these cartoons have been given a better shape and voices so that kids try to enjoy it even more. Now these cartoon based programs are called Animated Films. This is a saga now and a large number of animated feature films are being made for kids who are loved not only by children but the adults also.

This list is based on the rankings, and reviews given in authentic websites especially Here is the top ten list of best animates movies of all time.

10. Cars

It is an animated movie featured in 2006 by Disney Pictures. In this movie cars are given a life and are representing their lifestyle. John Lasseter, the writer and director of this film has interpreted the cars and man relationship so well that not only the children loved this movie but the adults recognized this film enormously.

This film made a huge business in a couple of years i.e. in the first five years this movie made 10 billion dollars which are far more than its production. Second thing about this film is that it was made as a series of films when cars 2 went on the screen in 2011. The biggest recognition to this film was when it won the Golden Globe Award for Best animated picture of this year.


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9. Finding Nemo

It is a movie released in 2001 but its original version came in 2003. It does not stop there. The demand of this movie is so much that people wanted to see it in 3D, so its 3D version came in 2012. It is also a production of Disney pictures.

It is one of the biggest grossing movies of all time which made it a great movie. The story of this film surrounded towards one character and that is Nemo. Everyone is finding Nemo in this movie and dealing with hurdles during the mission. It has been nominated for an Academy award but unfortunately didn’t able to win it.


8. The Lion King

It is one of the most popular and most grossing movies of all time. It was released in 1994 and since that this film never grows old. This movie is about a culture of jungle and the way lion is the king of the jungle.

The story revolves around a young cub Simba. Simba’s father who was the King was killed by his uncle in order to gain power of the jungle and by killing the king, uncle scar blames simba for musafa’s death. That’s when story become interested. Simba went away and after getting big went to end the uncle’s kingship and become the new rightful king of the jungle. It was recognized by the Academy awards and was given two Oscars.


7. Kung Fu Panda

IT is a very funny movie with many hilarious scenes that made the viewers laugh. Its first movie was released in 2008. Kung Fu Panda is a movie revolves around a Fat Panda who wants to become a martial arts champion. But in order to reach their goal, they have to defeat the devilish characters of Tai Lung.

When panda learns martial arts and defeated master lung, he became the champion of Kung Fu. A number of great actors have given their voices in this movie such as Dustin Hoffmann, Jackie Chan, and Angelina Jolie. This movie was given a great appraisal by the people as it has won almost all big awards in American. Kung Fu Panda’s sequel was released in 2011 and in also very well appreciated among the viewers.


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6. The Incredibles

This is a superhero animated picture. As kids love superheroes so superhero phenomena has been given a chance by Pixar Animated Studios. This movie was well recognized all over the world and got appreciation in award ceremonies also as it has won two academy awards and other also.

The story of this movie revolves around a family called Incredibles who was living happily in a small district. While the head of the family Mr. Incredible one day destroys a robot and after that became able to use his power in an ordinary way. Then he rises up against a villain who was making such robots.


5. How to Train your Dragon

It is one of the most interesting animated feature movies of all time. Its genre is mystery, drama, action. The story is about the man dragon relationship when hiccup a village head boy became a friend with a fire breathing dragon night fury and trains him to fly again.

It is a great emotional and drama classic. A lot of appreciation was given to this film. It has won 10 Annie awards. Its second sequel has been released in and the next sequel would come in.


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4. Despicable Me

This is the first animated feature film that represent a villain and a hero in the same character named Gru. The story is that Gru adopt 3 girls from an institution while he was villainous and was a thief.

After started living a life with the girls he started to transform himself from villainous to a heroic personality and at the end saves the world from a historic stolen pyramid. This is an amazing film loved by many movie lovers. Its second sequel came in and the next would be able to release in.


3. Toy Story

One of the oldest and most popular animated feature films of all time. It was released in 1995. Another great movie by Pixar animated films. It got fame and grossed very much in just a short span of time.

It is a story of toys of a girl. IT has two sequels one is released in 1999 and the other in 2010. Who also get the same fame and admiration as the first movie? It won numerous awards like Academy awards for best animated picture.


2. Alpha and Omega

Alpha and Omega was released in 2013 and was loved by kids and as well as adults. The story of this movie revolves around two brother wolves who try to rescue their brother.

This movie is inspirational as it is about taking chances, bravery and courage. Four sequels of this movie have been made and the fifth will be released in. It got good reviews all over the world not only by the viewers but also by the critics.


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1. Frozen

Undoubtedly by far the best animated movie of all time. It is to be said not because of the powerful story it consumes but because of the great and inspiring background music this film has.

It is a tale of two sisters and is an emotional, drama and romance genre based movie. It receives the appreciation of the public and critics and became the third most grossing movie of all time. It also receives two Academy awards with other amazing awards too.


  • Alias Darker

    the lion king , the incredibles , Toy story, Finding Nemo. All these movies are far superior to Frozen , frozen is garbage compared to these movies . This list is pure marketing


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