Published On: Mon, Nov 24th,

A 12 Year Old Boy With a Fake Gun Shot By Police

WASHINGTON – A 12 year old boy holding a ball gun resembling a real weapon was killed by police in a playground in Cleveland, Ohio, is it learned Sunday.

Two police officers intervened Saturday afternoon in an outdoor play area after reports by phone about a person armed with a pistol and taking passersby at gunpoint, according to a statement Saturday from the police division Cleveland to investigate the use of lethal force.

The two police officers arrived at the scene reportedly asked the child to raise his hands in the air but he “lowered his hands to her waist to grab his gun,” the statement said.

The police then shot and reached the boy to the torso.

According to the local newspaper Plain Dealer, died early Sunday morning.His name was not made public.

After the shooting, the police realized that “the weapon in possession of the suspect 12 was a type of gun replica” airsoft “(ball) like a semi-automatic pistol with the safety indicator orange removed, “said the police.

One of the officers within one year of experience, and the other more than a decade, said the president of a union of policemen to the newspaper.

According to a telephone recording, the person who called the police said that the weapon was “probably false.”