Published On: Tue, Oct 13th,
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6 Shiv Sena Activists For Attacking Kasuri Book Launch Organiser Arrested BY Mumbai Police

Mumbai: Six Shiv Sena members was arrested by Mumbai police for Attacking Kasuri Book Launch Organiser. In Book Launching function Of Pakistani Foreign Minister Ahmed Kasui’s books “Neither a Hawk, Nor a Dove” they went and arrested by Mumbai police.

The event for Launching of book by Pakistani Foreign minister Ahmed Kasuri held in Mumbai. Organisers also went in this function, they have the mission to attack on Kasuri’s book but not succeed, and the Mumbai police caught these six members of Shiv Sena.

The faces of these Shiv Sena members was marked with black ink especially Sudheendra Kulkarni face was covered with ink. Shiv Sene already giving threats for attacking on Kasuri’s book, that’s the reason the security was very tight in this function.

Deputy Commissioner Dhananjay Kulkarni told media that we have arrested six people the entire are belonging to Shiv Sena and have been released on bail. Sudheendra Kulkarni also except that the entire incident was in the result of democracy.

The Foreign minister of Pakistan said that, I am thankful for the Chief minister Mr Devendra Fadnavis for giving protection to him, not only in book launch ceremony but also on Mumbai Airport when I land.

He also said that Mumbai is one of the most special places in India; there are memories of great leaders Mohammad Ali Jinnah and Mahatma Gandhi. They spent maximum time in Mumbai that’s why this place becomes memories for both leaders.

The main reason to Launch Kasuri’s book in Mumbai was to establish a good relation between these two nations and he also describe in this book that his main goal to write this book to give a real perception of these two nations.

He also referred a line in this book “na banduk se na goli se, baat banegi boli sy” dialogue between the two countries goes on irrespective of circumstances. The main idea behind this book was to give true and real perception of these two countries to each other.

Let see how much this goal succeed after six Shiv Sena activist attacks on Kasuri’s book “Neither a Hawk, Nor a Dove”.