Published On: Wed, Jan 28th,

Islamic State Appoints Leader for Pakistan and Afghanistan

Orakzai Agency: Islamic State has appointed new commander, Hafiz Saeed Khan, to lead its activities in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Foreign news agency reported that Hafiz Saeed Khan, Pak-Afghan former spokesperson of Taliban group, has appointed as new commander in Pakistan and Afghanistan to lead the Islamic State activities in these regions.

The media reports suggested that an audio message disseminated through social blogging site twitter which stated that deviant of Taliban militant group Hafiz Saeed Khan has been selected as ISIS chief in Pak-Afghan territories.

A recent video also featured Hafiz Saeed with two other Taliban leaders, a group of nearly 10 people also seen in the released clip who pledged for allegiance to their commander.

Hafiz Saeed Khan basically belonged to Orakzai Agency, also served as head of Tehreek-Taliban Pakistan and Orakzai Agency in past, however; he separated from the TTP after killing of Hakimullah Mehsud in a drone attack led by American security forces in Afghanistan.

The appointing of new leader of Islamic State (Daesh) in Pak-Afghan regions, threatened both countries security forces and intelligence agencies that how they knobbed ISIS who want to spread its activities by expanding its territories.