Published On: Wed, Oct 29th,

Kunduz: Taliban Attack on Afghanistan Court Kills 7

Afghanistan: Taliban militants attacked an Afghan court killed at least seven including a prosecutor in northern city of province Kunduz, on Monday.

Foreign media reported that a Suicide bomber ran up at the main gate of an appeals court while three other having gun shot on people after entered into court, killed seven people including a prosecutor and wounded 10 others.

Sayed Sarwar Hussaini, a spokesman for the Kunduz police chief stated that shooting caused 10 dead and 10 injured, said that four militants wearing police uniforms suddenly stormed into court of Kunduz province. Victims have been attacked from a close range as an eye witness said that gunman shot door to door in the compound, he added.

Afghan Taliban claimed the responsibility said that there are more killings stated by local authorities, however police official still confirmed only 7 deaths killed in this attack.

The Kunduz province has been considered most peaceful than that of other Afghan Province but in recent week Taliban group continuously attacking and gaining control on Kunduz, the situation is much critical in Afghanistan as the US-troops are leaving the combat with Taliban continued a decade.

At the end of year, troops would leave the Afghanistan completely, handing over the security to Local Police and security forces to those it should be much difficult to fight against trained and efficient Taliban without aid of foreign forces.