Published On: Sun, Nov 16th,

Drunk Johnny Depp Bizarre Speech at Hollywood Film Awards

The American actor got drunk before to appear at stage, his slurred worlds and bizarre speech at Hollywood film awards surprised everyone.

The Hollywood celebrity, Johnny Depp got slurred and rambled while went on stage of Hollywood film awards to introduce the talent manager Shep Gordon and presenting Mike Myers with the Hollywood Documentary Award for his film Supermensch: The Legend of Shep Gordon.

The ‘Into the Woods’ actor drunk before to appear to nominate the award winner, his actions, curses and irrelevant words used in the speech were too surprising for fans on Friday.

Depp, 51 addressed to massive crowd said, ‘That’s the weirdest microphone I’ve ever seen. I’m not really good at this kind of thing’. I mean, it’s not of those nights, he added while he was fumbled and rambled during these words.

Many of his co-stars and directors have taken it lightly said he was amazing and it was fun, however, some of Hollywood celebrities are against this act done the actor on the stage in front of huge crowd. His fans also abused him that he was drunk as just after his speech the social media ablaze with drastic views.