Published On: Mon, Nov 17th,

Jennifer Lopez Flubs Her Speech at Hollywood Film Awards

Los Angeles: The American singer, Jennifer Lopez forced the audience to giggle at Hollywood Film Awards on Friday.

Jennifer Lopez, the amazing singer and actress, has flubbed her speech while presenting the best animated film award of the year at Hollywood film awards, left all audience with hilarious laughter to make the right sentence.

The 45-year-old actress appeared in white outfit with blonde hairs, stunned the guest when going to present the name of best animated movie stated the name wrong way as saying ‘Tonight’s Hollywood Animation award goes to DreamWorks Animation’s How to Drain – How to Drain – you don’t want to drain your dragon,” said Lopez, before catching up right sentence.

The gorgeous lady has really amused everyone before leaving the stage, also made some flubs during her speech but this one was dazzling enough to be laughed endlessly.

Gerard Butler who accepted the award, and he took the opportunity to thank Jennifer for her “flawless introduction made fun with her when accepting the award of best animated movie.