Published On: Sun, Jan 11th,

Jennifer Lopez Uncomfortable and Blushed By Sex Scenes

Los Angeles: The American singer back to acting with her new flick titled The Boy Next Door stated that intense scenes were really uncomfortable and blushed.

The American actress Jennifer Lopez revealed that sex scenes in her next American psychological thriller were really uncomfortable and embarrassing for her; she was not ready to make enough intimate roles in the movie that is original despite of double body.

The 45-year-old actress, who is playing the role of divorced school teacher obsessed by a younger boy, played by Ryan Guzman, has blush the Hollywood lady when she going to stripped off her underwear and insane boy grabbed her with emotions started romancing deeply.

Lopez explained the situation of the scene that it is quite important scene in the movie, despite of it’s a sex scene, it’s the moment that they share together and it’s the only real, so you had to be believable, impactful, passionate, all those things so that you believe that the rest of this movie happened.

JLo also stated that although it was intense but what an actor job is to show reality and make the scene believable for viewers and we do it.

Directed by Rob Cohen ‘The Boy Next Door’ will hit the theaters on January, 23,.