Published On: Thu, Feb 19th,

Emmy Rossum Kissed Harrison Ford At The Age Of 10

Emmy Rossum for sure marvelled all the audience and the guests when she told that she kissed Harrison Ford at the age of 10.

Emmy Rossum announced this sizzling, juicy news at the 17the Costume Designers Guild Awards on Tuesday, when she was to call Harrison Ford on the stage to present career achievement award.

Emmy Rossum, the famous American song writer and actress, surprised the audience and guests at 17th Costume Designers Guild Awards, when on stage she announced that person she was calling next was her first kiss, and at that time she was just 10-years old, this announcement for sure perked up all the ears.

This news for sure stirred spark in the audience as the next person was Harrison Ford who is 44-years older than Emmy Rossum.

However, this juicy news was further cleared by Emmy herself, she said that she was 10-years old and she was watching TV when she leaned to kiss Ford on television and got static charge from the television and thought that’s how kisses were suppose to be.

“I got a static charge from the television. And I thought that’s what kissing must feel like,” said Emmy Rossum.

After Emmy’s announcement and of course clarification Ford came in all stride when he took the stage and thanked Emmy for stirring such spark in the audience. Ford presented career achievement award to costume designer Aggie Guerard Rodgers.

“Thank you very much for a very weird introduction. I wish I had been there,” said Harrison Ford.
A very interesting twisted turn by Emmy and we are sure after this clarification Ford took breath of comfort.

Harrison Ford is a 72-years-old American actor who has number acclamation to his name. He has starred in famous series of Indiana Jones, air Force, Six Days and Seven Nights, Randsom hearts and many others.