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Top 10 Most Amazing Female Athletes Winter Olympics


Top most amazing female athletes of winter Olympics are among those ladies who are participating in the upcoming mega event, but the reason of discussing these list is that some of female have not only the talent to prove themselves in Olympics but being popular for their beautifulness and attractiveness which also added them here among the most amazing female athletes of winter Olympics.

In fact it is obvious thing that they have exceptional skills and talent because of becoming part of most anticipated event but few of them have several other amazing thing including their fame, appeal and grace for which they should became the prime focus of various people even before the event beginning.

Let you also keep your eyes on these amazing and incredible female athletes during the winter Olympics, the list of most amazing female athletes is given below:

10: Tina Maze

The double Olympic gold medalist Tina Maze is a Slovenian World Cup alpine ski racer who has been considered as most successful female ski racer in Slovenian history. Born on 2 May 1983 Tina Maze is among the six female racers who named all five World Cup disciplines, also winner of total 26 World Cup races. She stands among the most beautiful and amazing Olympic athletes all around the world because of her exceptional talent accompanied with endless appeal and attractiveness.


9: Kaetlyn Osmond

The Canadian figure skater Kaetlyn Osmond was born on December 5, 1995 began skating at age 3, competed her first time Canadian Championships by defending champion Cynthia Phaneuf. She is among the most amazing female athletes in the world who has several titles including Skate Canada champion, Nebelhorn Trophy champion and Canadian national champion. Unlike many other skaters she spins clockwise with very fast speed having numerous combinations in competition which made her exclusive among all others.


8: Elena Ilinykh

Elena Ilinykh is a Russian ice dancer who skates with Ruslan Zhiganshin became the Russian National champion for. Born on 25 April 1994 Elena Ilinykh junior career began from spring 2008 and after participating in various events she chose a ballet-themed free dance to Don Quixote in 2010. Her all career till date can be described as most successful abundant with titles and awards while she is the part of short dance and free dance programs Somebody to Love, We Will Rock You, and Frida of season–2016.


7: Sarah Hendrickson

Born on 1, August 1994 Sarah Hendrickson is American ski jumper who was winner of first ever women’s World Cup season in 2012 and named women’s event at the 2013 Ski Jumping World Championships. Sarah is among the most amazing female athletes in world for being excellent performer with respect to her skills and gaming and on sideline she has great attraction and timeless beauty among other costar female athletes. In season 2011–12 she won nine events at various places all around the world while named four in the next season.


6: Lindsey Vonn

The American World Cup alpine ski racer on the US Ski Team Lindsey Vonn is one of amazing female athletes of winter Olympic from all over the world. Vonn is among six females who have won World Cup races in all five disciplines of alpine skiing while her total winnings are 67 World Cup races throughout her career till date. The most successful American ski racer in history Lindsey Vonn also received Laureus World Sports Awards Sportswoman of the Year and USOC’s sportswoman of the same year.


5: Clair Bidez

Clair Bidez is a former professional snowboarder, the halfpipe specialist from Colorado who started her career to compete since age of 10 with feeling that there is more enjoyment as a snowboarder. At age of 16 she stands among top position at US Open at Stratton Mountain became Halfpipe Junior World Champion in Vivaldi Park. Clair Bidez has been added among the most amazing female athletes around the globe because of her exceptional skills and grip on her performance in field.


4: Tina Weirather

The World Cup alpine ski racer from Liechtenstein Tina Wierather was born on 24 May 1989 stepped in her career in World Cup at age 16 which ended up with three victories and fourteen podiums. Tina Wierather is one of most amazing female athletes in the world who have received numerous honors and awards in her career becoming winner of several championships under her career path. She appeared in various disciplines in and remains successful in Alpine Skiing Junior World Championships, Swiss Alpine Skiing Championships and German Alpine Skiing Championships.


3: Chemmy Alcott

Chemmy Alcott is five times Senior British National Champion who has competed four Winter Olympic Games and seven FIS World Championships. She has positioned among six female athletes who have competed in all five disciplines including super G, downhill, giant slalom, and slalom with appearance in different combined disciplines. She remained among top ten positions in her career while her major championships include XXI Olympic Winter Games, World Championships, XX Olympic Winter Games and XIX Olympic Winter Games among others.


2: Kiira Korpi

The three-time European medalist Kiira Korpi is a Finnish figure skater who stands among top amazing female athletes in the world because of impressive winnings and remarkable honors throughout her career. She remained the part of various programs including A Day in the Life, The Girl with the Flaxen Hair and the upcoming program for the current season while her major events and championships contains a long list like Olympics, Worlds, Europeans, GP Bompard, GP Rostelecom, GP Skate America, JGP Hungary and JGP Germany among several others.


1: Therese Johaug

Born on 25 June 1988 Therese Johaug is another three-time Olympic medalist, Norwegian cross-country skier has competed numerous events and disciplines with top ranked endings. Johaug became part of Norwegian Championships in 2007 selected for two World Cup races before to her first World Championships while her overall winnings and titles added her in the list of most amazing female athletes around the globe following her timeless performances and endless skills.




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