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Top 10 Countries Having the Best Police Cars in the World

The glory of a hunter lies mainly in the ecstasy of the chase and not essentially in the capture. Racers around the world have the privilege belonging to the industry which has tested and tried finest automobiles in the world, however driving the wheels of one the best police cars in the world awards a police officer the license to speed that could result in a dooms day for the street racer that wishes to show off his father’s wealth, driving an attention grasping sports car.

Because of the growing number of millionaires and their precious racing toys, their tweaks for speed, their love with enthralling performance and exciting power built in the cars to take them to a totally new level of speed, it was surely a wakeup call for the police forces to adopt counter measures by upgrading the state vehicles in order to avoid outrun by the wild speedsters on the road. Here in this article, we are sharing top 10 countries having the best Police Cars in adaptation of their performance, speed, abilities, power, features, specifications and the massive variety of supercars around the world.

1. Somerset: Ariel Atom Formula 1 Car

It is said to be the fastest police car in the world and there is no doubt about it. Only the word Atom is enough to explain you the whole story. In its unique appearance of Formula 1 racing style, designed by placing the police logo and attractive and bright graphics of the Somerset Police all over the car, it is a worth watching car. If someone fails to catch the sight, the sound will definitely attract his attention. The car is not only an Atom, rather it is the most recent 3.5R Model able to attain the speed of 60Mph in only 2.5 Seconds making it freaking awesome and completely frightening at the same time. If this thing is not stopped, it is able to cause the amount of damage equivalent to a bomb explosion and this is why they call it Atom. They say that dynamites come in small packages and this is what is depicted by Atom.

2. Dubai: Koenigsegg Agera R & Bugatti Veyron

Some of our readers might be wondering to see this Asian city in the list of Top 10 countries having the best police cars. You will be shocked to know that Dubai possesses those cars in its police force, which are not even possessed by United States of America’s police. This provides Dubai’s police force a huge recognition and makes them extraordinary for their gorgeous taste in the fastest and finest brands in the world along with the most expensive cars in the world.

With other luxurious cars in its fleet, the Dubai Police possess the latest German luxury, BMW I8. Dubai Police is in a non-ending love for super cars. The unbelievable list includes: McLaren, Ferrari FF, 007 famous Aston Martin, Bentley, Lamborghini aventador and Brabus AMG CG63, which is a mix luxurious convenience of a smooth and powerful ride and a 4 X 4 ability for off-roading to grab the criminals driving on the wrong side.

If the lists left you stunned, wait! As we have more to reveal. The super cool and most exotic vehicle recently recruited by Dubai Police is, The Bugatti Veyron, the best police cars on Earth! But, this is not the end, as Bugatti is the world’s 2nd fastest car. The world fastest car, Koenigsegg Agera R can also be seen in fleet of Dubai Police.

3. United States of America: Nissan GTR

As US Police normally have to chase gangsters and thugs on the street, therefore they have capitalized in some advancement to their police vehicles and replaced the common old police cruisers. So USA stand at number 3 by holding Undercover Nissan GTR referred to as “American Ghost” and is commonly ranked as one of the best police cars. Trailing the properties of Casper, it rides in style and seems friendly until it pulls up making an arrest. Just imagine, what would have been faced by the criminals who are so habitual to see Ford Crown Victoria, finding that Nissan GTR actually belonged to the US force.

Next in their list are Ford Mustang, Dodge Viper and Dodge charger. Dodge and Fords possess the ability to endure a sufficient amount of destruction on impact, because they have hard bodies perfect to ram against a criminal’s car in a furious police chase. The US Police Force also possesses overlooked and underestimated Chev Corvette and the huge and heavy Hummer H2. Hummer is brought out as the ‘Big Dog’ while dealing with unusual criminal drivers.

4. Germany: Brabus CLS Rocket

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Germany is behind the most favored and status-symbol fastest saloon car, BMW. Germans are also recognized all around the world to be more prim, serious and proper along with giving perfect attention to detail in everything. That’s why “German Spec” has attained a reputation that promptly associates to Brilliance in motor industry.

On the other hand, Police force of Germany holds an outstanding history of being highly trained police forces due to their taste in super automobiles. Germany has recruited a Brabus CLS Rocket to their fleet which is able to push maximum power by using its V12 engine. Having the looks of a normal Million Dollar luxury family car, it is among the world’s most expensive cars. So, this allows Germany to have a modern and sophisticated technology that comes handy with the privilege of law enforcement attached to it. The German Police force also possesses a finely tuned Porsche 911.

5. United Kingdom: McLaren 12C

You can see the flashy super cars driven by criminals on the street of UK and this is the reason why UK Police has invested in police automobiles allowing us to see a huge variety of them. UK now holds some of the super cool police cars. Top of the list is their McLaren 12C which is considered to be the leader of the pack. Other cars in the fleet include: A Caparo TI. It is equally admired by the force and the criminals because of its scenic beauty. Other vehicles include Lexus Extige and Jaguar XF. Lexus Extige is surely the name of “Prestige” – which represents admiration and respect.

6. Australia: Alpha Romeo

Australia really has to offer something good to their police force; the exotic Alpha Romeo. Don’t ever dare to consider it an average Romeo because this particular car is a GT spec. Other super police cars include: Volvo S60 Polestar. Both of these cars were made by outstanding Italian craftsmanship as their names themselves announce their backgrounds and huge reputation in automobile industry. Another car that Aussies have added to their fleet is HSV GTS. It is considered among the best police cars. As the name is very common, therefore let us elaborate a bit. It is almost a copy of the Mitsubishi Lancer with respect to its design having the power of an ‘Italian Stallion’.

7. South Africa: Lamborghini Gallardo

Besides the African Culture, exotic tourist attractions, rich heritage, atmosphere and spirit, the progress of the South African Police Services have not displayed much upgrade in their services and government provided vehicles and weaponry. However in present times, the greatest thing for which they deserve credit is their ironical acquisition of a Lamborghini Gallardo, one of the best police cars. Moreover, the country’s police force possesses a variety of top class cars including world renowned Volkswagen, Ford, BMW and Audi.

8. Italy: Lamborghini LP560

Italy is famous for its Italian Stallions. If you are a Mafia Boss or just 2 street racers on the run on curvy roads of Venice, get ready to have the company of Italian manufactured and grown Lamborghini LP560 that really spells horse power and high velocity simply by its looks. If you are being trialed by this sleek and slim sports car, your chances of evading are simply one to none.

9. Japan: Nissan Skyline GTR

Japan surely deserves an award for its aptitude to speedily grow and adapt to rapidly-changing situations. However the actual reason here to put the country on our list is their upgrade to have top best super cars in their police force. We instantly realize a lot of scope coming to a power displaying car like the Nissan skyline famous for its racing skills shown in “The Fast And Furious”. Sitting behind the steering of a turbo charged Skyline allows you to feel on air with huge amount of jet speed.

10. Canada: Jaguar S Type

People normally underestimate Jaguar. It is miss-perceived as being a more luxurious sort of car, normally associated with businessmen class. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police discovered a great potential in Jaguar S. With 3.0 Liter fuel injected V6, it gives an extraordinary amount of power able to push almost 238 Horse Power and is very useful while dealing with those minor pull overs. Normally in Canada, extreme types of car chases seldom happen. We included this in our list based upon the fact that no-one wishes to hit a gorgeously designed Lamborghini police car and wreck its stallion shape to a normal day-to-day bumper car accident. Therefore Jaguar would be a finest selection.