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10 Strange Stories of People Getting Stuck

1. Stuck in railing

China: It happened in the province of Shaanxi. A pregnant woman got her head stuck in a railing and died. The picture shows the woman on the road in a kneeling posture, while her head is stuck in a guard rail. Nearby people attempted to save her by dragging her out of the rails but all in vain. Ambulance crews and Police ran hurriedly to the scene and finally get her body out of the railing. Unfortunately, the woman with her unborn baby was affirmed dead. Officials did not succeed in finding out why she fainted which possibly led to her trap and suffocation. The possible reasons might be but hypertension or a heat stroke.

2. Stuck between a post and a wall

A 50 years old man went through a curious accident when he was driving his bike. He was rescued and hospitalized because of the fractures he underwent. It was reported that he agonized fractures in his both legs and was shifted to nearest hospital. Seemingly, he was riding his bike at a high speed through a roundabout when he jumped off the path and ended up trapped amid a wall and a post. It took firefighters around half an hour to rescue him by cutting him out the bike.

3. The robber stuck on a wall

A thief planned to break into a house but stalled after his foot got stuck on a wall. The poor robber needed the help of Police to get rescued. The man stuck up there was revealed by daughter of a neighbor saw a shoe on the wall and told her father about it. Both of them approached to see inquire the unusual sight; they were shocked to find a man hovering upside down. The police were called who got him down. The man was in good health with just a broken shoe. After the rescue, he was taken to the police station.

4. The woman stuck in chimney

This happened in LA when a naked woman was to be rescued after she slid down her ex-boyfriend’s chimney. The 35-year lady remained stuck for 2 hours and then rescued by firefighters. Her lover discovered her when she woke up for work and heard her calls for help. He discovered her soot-covered legs hanging. He attempted to rescuer her from the 12×12 space with the help of an extension cord but failed. Finally, he had to call emergency services. The firefighter crew shattered through the chimney in a 2-hour rescue operation.
The woman had tried to enter her ex-lover’s home through the main gate, but it was locked and she chose the chimney to enter the house.

5. Girl stuck inside claw machine

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Melissa is a 6-year cute girl who caused firefighters to smash her birthday party in order to get her rescued out of a claw machine.
Abby’s Legendary Pizza was celebrating Melissa’s birthday party, were she saw a toy inside a machine. In order to grab that toy, she wanted her inside the machine. As her parents were quite busy in event’s organizing, she climbed inside and clutch the toy. Another child saw her inside the machine and shouted. It was the time when Melissa’s dad rushed towards his daughter who was stuck inside the machine.
Firefighters arrived in time who removed machine’s top half and pull Melissa out of the machine safely.

6. Boy stuck in water pipe

Kids are naughty, but this 5-year Chinese kid did something beyond being naughty and decided to utilize a water pipe as his helmet, and finally got trapped. He was taken to nearest fire station by his parents where 5 firefighters struggled to get him free. The kid was actually playing alone when he wished to be a superhero. He used the PVC pipe as a helmet and got his head stuck in the pipe.

7. The man stuck in air-conditioning vent

A chubby thief got trapped when he was attempting to break into a shop. He started panicking and calling for help while dressed just in his underwear. However, the passers-by before reaching to his rescue, in an attempt to ensure he meet equal justice, tied his hanging legs to a pole. Surprisingly, the shop owner said that he would press no charges against the robber. The 5ft 2in red-faced robber, who weighed almost 13 stone, apologized and swore not to return.

8. The car stuck on utility pole

If you are a regular Facebook user, then you must be familiar with this picture as it went viral with everyone asking “How?” The Medina Police Department issued an unofficial traffic crash report explaining how this car parked on a utility pole, dangling 8 feet high above the ground while the driver was still inside.
According to the report, the lady was traveling eastbound when she jumped off the road’s right side and struck an old iron fence. The car continued sideways the barrier, with sporadic contact for forty-eight feet before straddling a 45° guide wire affixed with a utility pole. It then moved upward beside 21 feet of the guide wire and hit the pole 3ft from the top. According to Police, the car then underwent a rotation around the pole and its front right wheel got stuck on horizontal guide wire, dangling the vehicle along the pole. Its back bumper was around 8 feet from the ground.

9. Bentley stuck on beach

A video went viral in, which showed a $170,000 Bentley trapped on a beach. The video was uploaded on YouTube. Some natives helped the rich driver who was not sure about the weight of his 2.5-ton car. Finally, it was pulled with the help of a tractor.

10. The inmate stuck in wall

Brazil: A fat prisoner attempted a jailbreak when his fat belly got him stuck in a hole which he made in a concrete wall with great effort. The 225 pounds Rafael Valadao, made an entertaining sight when his chubby torso trapped him helplessly in his attempt to escape the prison Ceres. A thinner convict successfully broke out ahead of him leaving his chubby mate bleeding, with his jeans down below his underpants and one shoe off. Firefighters rescued him, finally.