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10 Amazing Modern Architectural Wonders

1. UAE: Capital Gate

Abu Dhabi: Near to National exhibition Center in Abu Dhabi, you can find this massive skyscraper of Capital Gate. The building is designed having an outstanding lean. Inclining 18° towards west, it is among the tallest buildings having a height of 520 feet and comprises of 35 stories.

The facts behind this tower which stands leaning high are simple but technical. The 18° incline causes a gravitational pressure which is opposed by a procedure called pre-cambered core. It utilized a core of concrete strengthened with steel that is purposely constructed slightly skewed. It is affixed to the ground by four hundred and ninety piles, drilled twenty–thirty meters underground.

2. China: Sunrise Kempinski Hotel

Beijing: China is improving its name as a hotspot for hospitality, after UAE. So there are many astonishing architectural achievements that are worth listing here. But we are sharing the most incredible Sunrise Kempinski Hotel that is situated in Beijing.

This hotel is located 60km outside of Beijing at a lake’s edge. It symbolizes the shape of a rising sun representing infinity, unity and harmony. This scallop shape portrays ‘fortune’ in culture of China. The entrance is constructed depicting the mouth of a fish, symbolizing prosperity. The building is covered with 10,000 glass panels’ exterior spanning 18,075sq.m.

3. Singapore: The Marina Bay Sands

It is most probably the well-recognized and the biggest hunk of the Singapore horizon. It comprises of 3 towers topped by a giant boat-like structure. On the boat like floor, an infinity pool overlooks the whole Central District, accompanied by a restaurant/chocolate bar, and the most recognized Ku De Ta Club. The ground level of hotel is connected to the metro system and holds its own shopping mall, offering a gondola pond, food court and skating rink. This most expensive casino property values $8 billion. Moshe Safdie, an Israeli/Canadian architect, designed it getting the inspiration from card decks.

4. Denmark: Cumulus

Nordborg: The designer of this innovative Cumulus Building is Jürgen Mayer, a Berlin architect. Besides Danfoss Universe, this building encompasses an exhibit hall, and a science and technology museum nearby the headquarters of southern Denmark. A lifestyle and and travel magazine, Conde Nast Traveler, selected this building as, “new 7 wonders of the architecture world” in 2007.

5. Spain: City of Arts and Sciences

Valencia: The City of Arts and Sciences is an entertainment-oriented architectural and cultural complex. It is the most important modern tourist destination in that city.

It is located at the end of Turia’s ex-riverbed. Interestingly, after a disastrous flood of 1957, this river was drained and redirected. The riverbed is a pretty sunken park now. Santiago Calatrava, based architect, designed and constructed this masterpiece in July 1996. It is an inspiring specimen of modern architecture. The entire “city” encompasses an opera house, performing arts centre, Imax cinema, a walkway/garden, a science museum, an outdoor aquarium a multipurpose space to take place various events.

6. India: Akshardham Temple

Delhi: Akshardham Temple is among the most wondrous worship houses in the world. It is situated in New Delhi portraying the mix of technical modernism with customary architectural techniques. Spanning an area of more than 8,000sq meters on Yamuna river’s banks, the extensive sandstone-marble shrine was constructed absent any steel. The building lures the enormous number of the region’s tourists to the capital of India. This great monument was built by Pramukh Swami Maharaj with his 3,000 volunteers who assisted 7,000 artisans to construct this temple of Akshardham. It was opened in 2005.

7. USA: Chapel of the Holy Cross

Arizona: Outstandingly located amid Sedona red rock towers, the Catholic Chapel of the Holy Cross was built in 1956. It was constructed on a twin-pinnacled subdivision around 250ft high, and protrudes out more than a thousand feet red rock wall. The construction of this chapel was a sort of miracle itself.

This chapel is a fantastic instance of recent architecture, and its great window and cross behind the altar grabs all the attractions. The exclusive position of the chapel and its marvelous architecture are spurs of Marguerite Bruswig Staude. She went on a visit to NYC in 1932, and observed that she could see a cross in the recently built Empire State Building when watched from a specific angle. Her inspirations took her to construct a church founded on that design. She considered the entire Europe and the USA for a perfect location, and finally chose Arizona.

8. UAE: Infinity Tower

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Dubai: This tower in surely the tallest tower in the world having a twist in its structural design. The exclusive and almost comprehensive tower spirals an astonishing 90˚ from its base to its top; 1,000ft above the ground. Infinity Tower is a residential tower composed of 80-storeys accompanied by lively waterside views, depending upon its altitude. Astonishingly, from inside, the building does not hold a single structural pillar.

9. Australia: Sydney Opera House

Sydney: Opera House in Sydney is among the world’s most recognized buildings. It is among the oldest buildings. It is built on a gigantic red granite platform. Its shell-shaped sails and rising white roof are acclaimed across the world as an architectural image of 20th century. It is no doubt a pivotal point of Sydney Harbour and a replication of its charisma.

Opera house has a lasting influence on architecture with is prodigious urban sculpture built in an extraordinary waterscape—at the verge of a peninsula jutting into Sydney Harbour. The House consists of 3 groups of intertwining curved “shells” which crown a restaurant and 2 central performance halls. These shell-like assemblies are placed on a massive platform and are bounded by terrace areas that act as pedestrian courtyards.

10. Japan: Nagoya Science Museum

Aichi: The Science Museum of Nagoya City is situated in Sakae, at the midpoint of Nagoya City. The building is designed like a huge ball positioned between the houses and rectangular holders. It is the largest planetarium in world, fortified with a 35m projection dome. Major portion of museum was renewed in 2012 in order to accord with the inaugural of the planetarium. The top floor presently encompasses a museum exhibition of space and future technologies


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