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Top 10 Signs She Is the One You Should Marry

Women are very strange creatures of God. There is a saying about women that “You cannot live with them, and you cannot live without them”. But we think it naïve. If you are unable to live with or without a woman, you must know dude that your life is screwed. But it is quite fortune that we have a best way; the love bond. So if you succeed to create a bond with your lady strong enough to spend a whole lifetime, then you are the most relaxed man on planet. The real thing is to understand the woman, understand which woman suits you best. Well, definitely there have been a lot of research, psychological writings and articles on understanding women, but no one can absolutely explain a woman mind. You may disagree, but this is the real fact. Understanding a woman is not a piece of cake, but here in this article we have tried to highlight those key factors that may guide you identify the woman made for you. You may call us old fashioned, but we firmly believe that a person should marry once in his lifetime. Therefore, when you are ready to do it, give it your best.

1. You trust her

Trust is the main and very vital element in any relationship. We think even the love comes at second. The most important thing is to evaluate how delicate the trust between 2 persons is; especially those persons who are closely involved with each other. If you share a weaker trust bond, then you might reconsider prior reaching to a final decision. When trust breaks, it causes pain. The more you trust a person, the more pain you will experience when trust is broken. Such pain leaves such gaps in your heat that may require a whole lifetime to get healed. Even there is no guarantee that you will succeed in forgetting the heartbreaking moment.

If we define trust, it is simply giving the person an opportunity to destroy you completely and still believing that he/she would not. So, if you have found a woman whom you trust completely, whom you cannot even imagine breaking the trust. Then she is the one, dude. Go and take your chance of getting her in your life.


2. She is a fine empathizer

This is the thing that you might not judge when you are in love. Because love makes you blind and you become unable to evaluate the other person’s positives and negatives. It distracts you from realizing the truth. When you wed someone, you should make it sure that the person is able to support you in your efforts and struggles. Life is full of ups and downs in life. You will have good and bad days side by side. Your partner should have the guts to support you and relax you in these times.

In your social circle, there would be people who will upkeep you and criticize you positively help you and make you learn. There will be such people too who will only mark your flaws with sarcasm. It will make you sure that they only want to hurt you. If your woman belongs to the latter group, it is the time to step back from her irrespective of the love and affections you feel for her. It is sure that any relation with her will only bring you misery and pain.


3. She believes in you

Let’s suppose that we are fortunate enough to live 8. By a rough idea, it makes 29,000 days that you need to wake up and move ahead in life with full thrust. Finding a way to motivate oneself is the most daring task, though it is not impossible. Sometimes you lack self-motivation and need external factors to motivate you. This is the time when your better-half needs to play her role. That’s why finding a right woman that can motivate you can make a great difference between conquering the success and beaten by failures. If your woman believes in you, if she makes you belief that you can do anything and that you have all the guts to tackle any situation, then don’t waste your time in judging her anymore. She is that one woman that will become the sole reason behind a successful man; you.

She believes in you

4. You feel better with her

Another importance point to ponder is the fact that the woman you intend to marry should add to your life not take it away from you. It is difficult to identify but you can simply check it by experiencing the types of emotion with and without her. If you feel more happy and lively in her presence, then you should decide to get along with her. But if you feel more relaxed and contented in her absence, then it is the right choice to get back without thinking of the after effects. As your life is anyhow more important for you than any other thing you possess.

You feel better with her

5. She never makes excusesin hour of need

It is a wise saying that a friend in need is a friend indeed. That’s the same case with your spouse. She must be with you in the hour of need. And it is more important in the case if you depend on your woman. If you are this type of person, then you should make it sure that she is always here for you when you need her. If she does this, if she keeps herself close to you, not only in hour of celebration, but in the hour of need or when you are at your worst, then she is worth a whole lifetime. On the contrary, if she does not answer your phone or messages, if she tends to avoid you in difficult times, then she is surely the one who only concerns with the things you can do for her, not for the things she should be doing for you. You better know which one is better to keep.

i need friend

6. You both want the same thing in life

It’s another important part in a relationship that many people tend to avoid. It is so easy to love a woman whom you don’t understand as everything work on assumptions in this case and assumptions in love are always positive. So you really need to know what your woman wants from life. What are her dreams, her goals, her passion and her desires? Let’s suppose for the time being, that you are an artistic person and dreams to have a stable peaceful life with sufficient amount of money and reasonable luxuries in your life while she wants a high-class villa with a Lamborghini parked in its garage. Now you can better understand the purpose of knowing her desires and wishes in life. We often do not realize it, but we need to be compatible in the ways we expect out of life.

same thing in life

7. She is not jealous

Jealousy in relationship is natural up to some extent, but the woman you intend to marry should be secure in herself. It is the same matter of trust, we have discussed above but it is reverse. It is very important that the woman should trust you; she should give you enough space that you require to move in your friends, have your own social circle and enjoy your own parties. She should be good enough to give you the freedom you need.

i m not jealous

8. She is emotionally stable

The worst thing about women is their emotional instability. Research says that women rate low on emotional stability. Some studies say that women tend to be more emotionally unstable because they control their emotions from other side of brain. Therefore, an emotionally stable woman is a blessing, not a myth anyhow. The woman you should marry should be consisten in her emotions rather than being volatile. Exerting all your efforts in predicting her mood and responses may make you feel burdened. Your woman should not convert into a difficult person after some months of living together. As we said earlier, marriage is a thing to do once in a lifetime. So decide wisely.

emotionally stable

9. She makes an effort for you

A stable and healthy relationship emphasizes on giving, not just taking. It is a win-win situation. Seeing your spouse happy should make you as much happy. She should treat you in the same way; your grief is her grief and your happiness is her happiness. It is not a hard task to do rather it is as simple as asking about your day, your health, listening to you, inquiring your exhaustion and sharing a cup of hot coffee. Remember, the excitement at the start of relationship passes by time, the important thing that remains is the focus on giving happiness to one another.


1o. You share a deep love

Before claiming that you love each other so deeply, you need to understand the meaning of loving deeply. Deep love is a two folded love, it is to love openly and love romantically. To share a deep love, you don’t need to love the person only, rather you have to love what he/she means to you. You have to love the individual for who that is and what that individual does for you. The commonly shared definition of love is to love unconditionally, but it is far away from practicality. We all do love conditionally, whether we admit it or not. Therefore, the deep love is when both conditional and unconditional love, unite to form an unbreakable bond; a mutually shared loved that lasts for the lifetime.

deep love




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