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Top 10 body parts of men that women die to touch

Women and men might not think alike. Their passions, missions and goals might contradict a lot. Their ways of living their life and interacting with society might also differ. But when we talk about the intimate relationships, the physical interaction between spouse, men and women almost think and like the same. This article is derived from results of some researches and interviews conducted from women about their likings in parts of men body. So before running to the gym, you really need to read this article, first. This is because most of the parts liked by women and which women want to touch, do not require exercising. Here is the list what women think about men’s bare bones of attraction. The parts of men body are enlisted from most popular to least popular.

1). Eyes

On the top of our list are eyes. You might be surprise by this result, but this is the fact. Eyes came no.1 when a lot of women were inquired and interviewed about the top 10 parts of men they die to touch, most of them answered eyes, first. It is definitely good news for those men who have been told that they have nice eyes. What is so special about eyes? Eyes explore everything in couple of seconds. You might alter your face expressions, you might lie from your mouth but your eyes can depict your inner feelings and emotions. They basically reveal the true story. A sweet touch and a delicate kiss on eyes is supposed to be the foremost sign of deep true love. That’s why it is said that eyes don’t lie; all you need is to know how to read them.


2). Lips

The second popular on our list are lips. Yes, you might be expecting this. Well, it is not needed to explain why women love lips. These are definitely for those kissing moments where any relation and every intimate interaction starts. Science says that kissing includes almost all our senses we experience. It encompasses sense of touch as you touch your partner’s lips. It experiences sense of taste as you feel the saliva of the person you are kissing. It also comprises of sense of smell because of the warm breaths felt by both persons indulge in deep kissing. Your sense of hearing is completely involved as you can even hear the heartbeat of each other. You can hear the rise in your breathing and responding sounds made by your partner. The only sense you tend to avoid is the sense of sight as you close your eyes in experiencing deep emotions. Lips offer the dual sensation. When your partner touches your lips with hers, she experiences the same pleasure like you.


3). Hands and arms

Third on our list of top 10 body parts of men that women die to touch are strong arms and hands. Women love to touch strong biceps, triceps and forearms. Here it is very important to tell you that according to interview based research, women have selected strength over size. So you don’t need to rush for gyms and make huge and heavy muscles. Rather, some women said that muscular men are somewhat creepy. The truth behind dying to touch strong arms and hands is that women feel safe and secure with strong men. They feel more secure in strong arms. They feel that strong hands and arms are a good sing of being able to handle worst situations. They consider them a sign of confidence. That’s why, men need to build arms which are strong, not muscular.

Hands and arms

4). Butt

They say there are no “Buts” in relationships but, there are “Butts” of course. It might be surprising that women are attracted to men’s butt because it is the body part that is exclusively considered attractive for men, about women. Men are very much attracted to women’s humps and butts possess a vital place in those. But recent researches about our topic have revealed that women have the same interest in men’s butts as men have in women’s. Though many women could not manage to tell a strong reason behind their attraction to men’s butts, but some of them rated butts another sign of strength. Most of women said that it is quite an obvious leverage during intimate times. Some women were of the view that grabbing and slapping firm butts are a source of pleasure to them. By these reviews, we concluded that women are simply attracted to men’s butts in for one reason or the other.


5). Shoulders

Broad shoulders are identification of strong men. Men themselves like to have strong, muscular and broad shoulder. Firm shoulders also help men to look good in their tees. Talking about women, they like to touch strong shoulders in order to experience strength. They feel a sense of security by touching broad shoulders. Most of the women love to touch and kiss shoulders in intimate moments. A study from University of Albany revealed that women’s sensual happiness is very much linked to breadth of her partner’s shoulders. According to a book by David Prette, the men with a higher shoulder-to-hip ratio revealed to have sex at early age and with more partners. You might now decide to work on your shoulders.


6). Hair

In a survey of online dating, it was concluded that women like the men with hair on their heads than the men with declining hair. In general, women like a head full of hair. When asked, some of them said that it simply looks complete. While other said that hair are the first thing to grab and pull during peak moments of intimate interactions. Some women said that they love to roll their hands in and over the men hair during physical attraction. Other said it is fun to play with their partner’s hair. On the other hand, the men with falling hair should embrace a short haircut or shaved heads. The men with declining hair need not to depress while reading this because sexual satisfaction has nothing to do with hair. You can please your partner with or without having hair on your head.


7). Chiseled chest

Another sign of strength is strong chest. We were somehow amazed to see chest at such lower number in our list. Because there was a time when women liked chest a lot. We think that time has changed a lot and these likings being cyclic tend to change their rankings. When asked about chest, most of the women said that they like hairy chest, but of course not too hairy. Hair on chest is more sensual and appealing. Besides heir, chest should be in proper shape. You need to work out on your chest enough that your pecs project to show some shape. As we wrote earlier that women love a higher shoulder-to-butt ratio. Another attraction on strong chest are nipples. Like women, even some men do have very sensitive nipples. So during intimate interactions, women love to touch, kiss and sometimes bite of men chest and nipples.

Chiseled chest

8). Legs & feet

On the low popularity items, we found legs and feet. Women are also attracted to legs and feet to some extent. Strong legs are another sign of strength and women like everything displaying and showing strength. Besides, legs are also very active and crucial during bed times; strong thighs and lower knees. Firm thighs and the area around butts also come in handy and explored by many women during physical interactions. Good and clean feet are sign of cleanliness and tidy nature. So clean feet with no bad odor attract women while exploring each other. It is also famous and common that a foot massage gives your partner an immense pleasure that cannot be compensated with anything else. Knowing this fact, might be another reason of women’s attraction towards men’s feet.

Legs & feet

9). Abs & Pelvis

Women are very much attracted to your abs, when you are without shirt. A couple of years ago, abs were considered the most attractive muscle on men’s body but as we said earlier, these things are cycling and trends keep changing. Now abs are the second last popular muscle according to women. Though, they are still attracted to well-shaped and strong abs; it is quite a luck that you can work out on your abs and shape them to get attractiveness. Abdomen is a most sensitive area for women, same is the case with men with less sensitivity comparatively. Therefore, touching strong abdomen and abs pleases you which may result in a positive reward for your woman. Just below the abs, lies pelvis. It is the most sensitive area in both men and women bodies. Just above your manhood, this area is the most hidden and covert area. Touching this area gives immense sensation and arousal. Besides, being private part, it is never explored unless being intimate. That’s why women are always attracted towards pelvis.

Abs& Pelvis

10). Strong Back

Finally, the last on this list is strong back. With all the parts listed above, it has been quite obvious now that strength is the main thing women want to explore in men. So they are very much attracted to strong back. When inquired, the most obvious reason that during your intimate bed interactions, a strong back provides your woman a feeling of completeness. She feels secure and surrounded by your presence if you have a strong back. While women hug, they rely on your strong arms and back, while you are holding her in your arms and she is holding your back with her arms. Women also love to caress and explore men’s back which is considered a sing of turning on. So while you get started with your woman in bed and she starts fondling your back, be confident, she is enjoying.

Strong Back

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    Where is the difference? We men also want same in women, not mentioning some. 😛


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