Top 10 Most Popular Newspapers in the World In 2020

Newspaper is one of the oldest and most used modes of communication used by mankind. People from all over the world rely on newspapers to relay them the latest information about all the hot topics and issues around the globe. Newspaper are easily the oldest information provider because it started many centuries before the digital means of communication ever came into being and many people still prefer to use newspaper instead of electronic gadgets like mobile phones, tablets, televisions and many more. There are some newspaper companies that have been working for ages by generations of families and some of them are the Top 10 Most Read Newspapers in the World that supply newspaper all across the globe.

The Top 10 Most Popular Newspapers in the World are mentioned below:

  1. The Guardian (UK)
  2. The Wall Street Journal (USA)
  3. The New York Times (USA)
  4. The Washington Post (USA)
  5. China Daily (China)
  6. The Times of India (India)
  7. The Sydney Morning Herald (Australia)
  8. The Asahi Shimbun (Japan)
  9. The Dawn (Pakistan)
  10. Zaman (Turkey)

1.     The Guardian (UK):

The founder of this famous newspaper is John Edward Taylor who started the publishing of this newspaper somewhere around May 1821 which was almost two centuries ago. This newspaper is read by most of the British every day. It was started by a group of businessmen who were headed by its founder on a small scale but now it has become the Most Bought and Read Newspaper in the World because of the efficiency and authenticity of its news and because it has managed to reach that many people on its own.

2.     The Wall Street Journal (USA):

The Guardian might be the most read newspaper in the world but Wall Street Journal is undoubtedly the most famous one. This newspaper was basically a corporate news provider and then gradually started to publish other news as well to expand its scope and to cater to the demands of the people. This newspaper is named after the most busy corporate street in Manhattan, New York which is lined with brokerage houses, corporate offices and such.

3.     The New York Times (USA):

The first name of this newspaper was The New York Daily Times which was then shortened to just The New York Times. This newspaper like the ones above is printed in the English language which is why it is read by so many people because there is no limitation by language on this newspaper. This newspaper was started in New York in the 18th century and since then the population of America and the rest of the world are reading this newspaper. Their news is very authentic and precise.

4.     The Washington Post (USA):

This newspaper is not limited to any specific field or scope and contains news about everything and every event. Its headquarters are based in Washington DC and is published daily and manages to sell millions of copies every day. This influential newspaper is almost two centuries old and people rely on it for news especially old people. As it is very close to the political centre of America, it is very genuine in its political news.

5.     China Daily (China)

Even though this newspaper is published in China and for the population of China first and foremost, the language it is printed in is English which has brought it to fifth on the list of Top 10 Most Famous Newspapers in the World. This newspaper sells almost 2000 printouts every day and earns a lot of profit from it. The purpose of this newspaper is to improve the English language of Chinese people and to serve the Chinese people living outside their country.

6.     The Times of India (India):

India is a very big country with the third largest population in the world which is why their newspaper is 6th on this list because even their own population more than makes up for the gross profit they aspire to achieve. This newspaper has been operating for centuries and is printed in the English language and people read it more than any other newspaper in India.

7.     The Sydney Morning Herald (Australia):

The Sydney Herald newspaper is known for its multi channels of providing news to its customers through actual print media and through electronic media as well to cater to both types of customers. This is the Most Famous Newspaper in Australia. This newspaper contains sections of current affairs, politics, business, sports, stocks, economics, international news, celebrity news and much more.

8.     The Asahi Shimbun (Japan):

The headquarters of this publishing company are in Tokyo and The Asahi Shimbun is the most read newspaper of Japan out of the total five it has. The newspaper is very old and people been reading it for centuries. It mostly talks about the recent political and corporate problems and the big scandals to keep people up to date on everything.

9.     The Dawn (Pakistan):

This is the only newspaper in Pakistan which is published in the English language where all others are published in its national language for the ease of people but still, Dawn is the most popular among all because of the quality of the content and the extensive columns and sections providing news on each and everything happening inside and outside Pakistan. This newspaper is published under the company of Pakistan called Pakistan Herald Publications and was founded only a few years before Pakistan came into being.

10. Zaman (Turkey):

This Turkish newspaper might not be as old as the other ones in this list but it is definitely just as famous. It was started in 1986 and became the first English newspaper of Turkey and it has already spread its wings towards print and online media and people use both of these means extensively which is the reason for its popularity. It is among ten of the Newspapers with the Highest Circulation in the World.

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