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Last Wish Of Abdul Sattar Edhi [ Edhi – A Man With Revolutionary Idea]

 Abdul Sattar Edhi

Last wish of Abdul Sattar Edhi was to donate all his body parts to the needy people which can be used. He was a renowned and a sacrificing person who contributed in a positive way for the country


Personal Details
Born: 1st January, 1928
Birth Place: Bantva, India
Died:8th July,
Spouse: Bilquis Edhi
Death Cause: Kidney Failure
Religion: Bantva Memon
Parents: Abdul Shakoor Edhi ( Father ), Ghurba Edhi ( Mother )
Children: Kutub Edhi, Faisal Edhi

Early Life Background:

Abdul Sattar Edhi belongs to Bantva from British India and his mother suffered from paralysis at the age of eleven and she suffered because of the stroke and died when he turned to 19. He developed such service system because of the personal experiences he had in his life and he introduced a system where old and poor people will be treated good. After the partition, family of Edhi and he himself migrated in 1947 to Pakistan. He got settled in Karachi and worked for the cause he started in India. He worked in a shop of wholesale and he was given only rupees 1 for his meal and 1 for the beggar by his mother. He started his career of social cause through a peddler and then he worked as a commission agent and sold wholesale clothes in the Karachi markets. After this struggle, he aimed to develop a dispensary for the community to help people.
In 2009, he told the NPR about people who lie on pavements. That was the time when flu was spread in the Karachi and they could not be treated effectively. For that purpose, he set benches and gave medical treatments to the people and begged to find donations from streets and people helped him to establish this system in such a way. He then bought a room of 8 by 8 and started his work.

Work For Charity

Edhi dedicated his whole life to help the poor people and he worked for about 60 years. He changed the welfare face of Pakistan all alone. Edhi Foundation was introduced in Pakistan and a welfare trust was established in this country which was named as Edhi Trust and five thousand rupees were spent firstly and then it was named as the Bilqis Edhi Trust which was named after his wife. He helped the poor and received many donations which were very much helpful in the expansion of this organization. This organization has about 20, 000 infants as abandoned and orphans as 50, 000 and 40, 000 nurses have been trained for this purpose.

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He has provided homes and shelters to the people and also clinics which could help the people for their work. Kitchen expenses were provided to the poor people. His emergency services are available 24 hour. He has expanded his services in Caucasus region, Middle East and Africa as well and his son and wife are taking care of the operations being held in those regions. His daughters and wife were handling the internal matters of these regions.

Bond Of Devotion – Bilquis Edhi

A different side of Edhi was introduced through Bilquis Edhi. She was of the view that he was not very much caring for his wife as he was more inclined towards his office and things and sometimes he was stubborn.
She liked to watch movies but he never gave her time for such kind of interests of his wife. She also became a bit bitter at times while recalling all the things and the death of her grandson in an accident.
She never received the appreciation words from him or the work and loyalty she showed to him. They were presented to be the best couple happy couple ever.
For many years, there were many incidents when Edhi and Bilquis remained undercounted for many times. They quite often behaved like visiting their grandparents.
“Edhi was a restless soul who always wanted to visit some place or to do something, he never liked to sit and chat”
He always wished something else to be more important than the rest. He always remained busy in serving people. The reason of people loving him was the care for people and the system he developed to help people.
Once a person was caught up with Edhi in Balochistan during the earthquake and he was providing health services to the people and the people who were displaced. He raised funds and provided them to the people for their help. He provided logistics and support and also the supplies necessary for the people.

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He collected money and bought sports items for the people and for the players who used to play football. He bought all these accessories for the children and also set camps for the people so they could use them for their fun.
He used to remember people for what they need and at that incident he also called his name and mentioned about the money he received and told to his wife about that and bought all the necessary stuff in cheaper prices for those people.
He was holding donations in his hands and also interacted with a lot of people to get the desired things for people. He bought the basics things for the people and provided them with it.
His soul may rest in peace and his charity work may remain continued for years and for that purpose, Pakistanis have to work hard for it to get the desired instructions.
Edhi’s Eyes Become Source Of Vision For Two Blind Persons
Abdul Sattar Edhi has donated both corneas of his eyes to the blind persons after the death of Edhi and these blind persons were transplanted with his corneas. According to the doctors, Edhi was among those 2, 000 donors who got registered to the SIUT and pledged their organs after their death. He donated both the eyes and fulfilled the wish.
This surgery for the eyes was performed by the surgeons in the ophthalmology in afternoon and the notification of this institute was that Edhi’s death has given eyes and sightedness to two blind persons and this would continue after the death of that person.
This renowned social worker of this world died after the SIUT treatment since 2013 and he got his dialysis thrice a week.
He always encourages others to work for charity and donate their organs to the patients and save the life of others. It was the statement of SIUT.

Edhi – An Exception To Pakistan’s Faults

Edhi also constructed his empire in the welfare organization of Pakistan’s largest in Abdul Sattar Edhi and he was also known as the national hero. He only had a content of two clothes sets instead he slept with the windowless room and adjoined the offices of foundations which were charitable. He only had a bed, hotplate and a sink.
Abdul Sattar Edhi Laid To Rest After State Funeral At Karachi National Stadium
There were thousands of people who had high profile of politicians and officials of government who gathered at the national stadium and attended the funeral prayers because he was renowned for his charity work. Abdul Satar Edhi was the most celebrated humanitarian of Pakistan.
He was awarded with the honor guard and also was saluted by 19 guns of Pakistan Army and his body was taken after his funeral from the National Stadium. He was taken to the Edhi village where he used to live and then was laid to rest.
There were very strict security measures during the funeral and three chiefs of Army attended this funeral with the DG Rangers Bilal Akber and also the DG ISPR Lt Gen Asim Bajwa and Corps Commander Karachi Lt Gen Naveed Mukhtar.
COAS Raheel Sharif was also in this funeral and he hugged Faisal Edhi, a son of Abdul Sattar Edhi after the funeral ended. Mamnoon Hussain Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif and Qaim Ali Shah the Sindh counterpart, Sindh Police chief A.D Khawaja and Sindh Governor Ishratul Ibad were also in the funeral and attended the whole ceremony.
Before all this, DG ISPR Asim Bajwa addresses the Rangers to ensure the safety measures by contacting the agencies personnel and provide safety to the mourners.