Published On: Tue, Jun 28th,

European SUPERSTATE to be Uncover: EU nation to be morphed into one Post – Brexit

The Political chiefs of European countries wants to take the advantage of the Brexit by introducing their new-held plan to amend the continent countries into the one Giant SUPERSTATE as it emerged yesterday. The foreign minister of Germany and France are owed to reveal the blueprint to effectively deal with the individual member states that is been describes as the “ultimatum”.  Under the fundamental proposals the European Union countries will lose right to control their own army, taxation system, criminal laws, dealings with the central bank, with entire powers is being transfer to the Brussels.

What few controls they have left over in their own borders, it will all lost including the procedure of the relocating and admitting refugees. The plan has flicker, fury and panic in the Poland who is the traditional ally of Britain against federalism after it being leaked to the Polish new channel.  The broadcaster informs that the bombshell proposal and suggestion will be presented into the meeting of group of countries which are made up of Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia. The report was published today as the leader of France, Germany and Italy are met in Berlin to talk on Brexit crisis.

In the press release the two minister agreed that, our countries always shares the common destiny and the common  set of values which rise our citizens to become more closer. Therefore we will strive for the political unification between the European countries and invite the other European countries to become part of the venture.

The disclosure is come just after the day as the Britain shook the Brussels establishment by voting in favor of leaving the EU, which could leave to the break-up of the European Union. In responding to the plane the Foreign Minister of Polish Witold Waszczykowski raged:  of course this is not an absolute solution because the European Union was invented a lot has changed from the time.

The mood in the European countries and societies is different. So the people of Europe do not want to offer the union into the hands of technocrats. I want to talk about this right now whether it is the right recipe in the context of Brexit. There is deeply separation in the heart of EU right now and now it is important how to proceed further in the light of Brexit results.  Some figures may have cautioned next to trying to force further through political integration, to do so against the wishes of European people which feel further to Eurosceptic feelings.

The European Council President Donald Tusk said that the citizens of Europe did not share their enthusiasm of their leaders such as the “Utopia of Europe” without any conflicting interests and ambitions and imposing their values to the external world. He also added that the increasing louder are those people who very the principle of the united Europe. He also says that the specter of the break-up in trying to haunting the Europe and the vision of the federation does not seem to me the best answer.

The eurozone countries backed up his views the Dutch politician added that in the eurozone many of them are pushing for accomplish of the monetary union by creating and developing the full political union, the euro economic government or the even the euro budget, it all obvious to me. We need to be stronger and strengthen ourselves as we have and just finish it and not allowed any extension to the European estates as it unstable the house.