Published On: Wed, Jul 13th,

Revealed: What Theresa May really thinks as she find herself installed in the Downing Street

Theresa May has been an MP for almost two decades and served as Home Secretary for last six years, but on Wednesday she find herself installed as the Prime Minister in the Downing Street with an in-tray that far exceeds her most recent briefs as the constituency MP and as the minister of in-charge of policing, immigration and counter terrorism. She must not only pull out the Britain from the European Union but she also look-over the economy threats with the post-Brexit slump and the health service squeak and the dispute with the junior doctors is still seems.

There is also a challenge to appoint the Cabinet and an imminent decision to be made about the Heathrow expansion. So what kind of Prime Minister will Theresa May become as she verbalize a lot through her speeches over two decades. There is some insight in the new Prime Minister views.

As the Chairman of the Conservative Party on October 7, 2002 in Bournemouth conference she said that “ We required a lot of efforts to do in this party. Our stands are two narrow and so occasionally as like our sympathies and you already know that what some people called us “the nasty party…” but truth is that our kingdom has become more diverse but we as the party remained the same; we need to reach out to the all locale of our society”.

On the occasion of Conservative Home Victory conference: We as the political party have become to gaining out and confronting our own interests. The party has taken to power from the elites and given to the people. The party is not for those who developed it but its home for those who strive hard and want to work. As the creation of the single market which is driven by Mrs Thatcher as the Britain can and often lead in Europe, the trade agendas and the competitiveness now pursued by the commission were start at the order of both Germany and Britain and i told you that the people of Europe impulsively looking towards us on the matters of security and counter terrorism.

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The problems with our system are much wider and deeper that the banking sector. We over-reliance on the financial services which is not good and the question rise about competitiveness and productivity. The crisis is in our public finance and the inequality between the London and the rest of other people, cost of living and stealing the social mobility. The people show anger about the companies avoids taxes and the too much corporate pay.

On the women issues she states that, on each day we are unwilling to accept the future where all men and women respect each other. We need to improve their confidence, defined their talent and abilities not what they look like. The concept of welfare state is going beyond day by day, the tax payers not helps people to get better job, they actually created the poverty traps and discourage people to find the better paid jobs.