Published On: Mon, Jul 13th,

British Crackdown on Immigration; Foreign Students Should Leave the Country after Ending Study

The United Kingdom authorities have announced a fresh crackdown on immigration, in which it said that foreign students have to leave UK after ending their courses.

Latest crackdown on immigration was issued by Home Secretary Theresa May, who will also ban non- European Union students from living in country even if they can find a job. Those students who end their courses, would have to leave the country excluding and will not be allowed applying to return for a job, British media reported.

British senior conservatives described the new regulations would apply to those outside the European Union as well those will use their study visa for jobs, will not be allowed.

According to latest study, about 121,000 non-EU students set foot in United Kingdom aimed getting education in the 12 months to June previous year, while only 51,000 of them left their courses.

The British authorities estimation, if the number of foreign students who all coming United Kingdom to get education, expected to cross 6 per cent a year up to 2020.

Home Secretary Theresa May has launched actions against more than 870 bogus colleges, and now they can’t approved admissions of foreign students.

However, the Conservatives have taken the decision to move ahead without the Lib Dems in power to force the rules will be watered down.

The students visas will be banned soon which were being used like a key to the UK entrance and student has been worked in country not study.

According to new rules, non-EU students have no right to work by attending their classes in colleges or other institutes and visa extension will not be accepted and they have to leave the country as they finish their courses.

It also said that those immigrates can apply for jobs after ending study, but after leaving the United Kingdom.