Published On: Mon, Mar 16th,

Three British Teenagers Arrested as Attempting to join Islamic State


On Sunday, British officials reported that three youngsters arrested, these were planning to be a part of Iraq-Syria militant organization in Syria, security forces has taken into custody them in Istanbul, city of Turkey.

The officials didn’t announce their identifications and they were arrested on Friday when the British security informed Turkish authorities that two teen of them were on way to Syria.

The security forces of United Kingdom are keeping an eye on those who travel to Turkey, arrests took place after other British teen school girls who have traveled Turkey to join the militant organization of Iraq-Syria previous month.

The UK forces have alerted Turkish authorities that those who travel from British to Turkey, stop them and take them in to custody, those who arrested by Turkish police are still there.

The latest account which emerged from the British security force, nearly 600 Britons to work with Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant organization as fighters as well as renowned executioner ‘Jihadi John’ who was seen many times in Islamic State beheading videotapes.

Not only Briton joining the terror organization, hundreds Europeans also have joined the extremist’s gang. The militants want to use them after training, to attacking at their own homelands.

The other countries’ authorities has criticized Turkish security forces that they showing not good performance to stop European civilians who took Turkish southeastern borders to land at Syria to link the fighters.

A senior Turkish official reported media when reporters insisted on condition of anonymity, Turkish security forces have set all to send these arrested teen males back UK.

On the other hand, the Turkish Foreign Minister said in statement on Thursday that those three teen girls who landed at Syria, someone helped them to cross the border, it believes, spy belongs to one of the nations in the US-led coalition against the Islamic State.