Published On: Sat, Feb 21st,

Islamic Fighters Killed Al-Bu Ubaid Tribes’ About 150 People In Iraq


The Iraq-Syria militant organization (ISIS) had shot dead about 150 people of Al-Bu Ubaid tribe, while the sever fight came out between Syrian troops and rebels which killed 129 soldiers, 116 insurgents.

According to international news agencies, Islamic States had besieged the Al-Baghdadi town almost a week ago, during the siege, the fighters of Islamic States killing people regularly.

The local council leader of Al-Baghdadi, Mulla Al Beadi told media that the militants of Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant killed 150 people of Al-Bu Ubaid Tribe because they were supporters of Iraqi authorities. On the other hand, the organization had killed its own 12 partners in Mosul city.

However, the security forces set all to storm ISIS hideouts and soon offensive will be started against the extremist group in Iraq.

The British counter-terrorism forces had started their searches to find out London’s three teen girls who are on their way to join the militant organization of Iraq-Syria as they left their own land.

The British government had announced the identifications of these young girls, 15-year-old Shamima Begum, unidentified school girl,15, and 16-year-old Kadiza Sultana, these three schoolgirls left their homes on last Tuesday in east London and flew towards Istanbul-Turkey and it feared to be they are so close to Syrian border.

An appeal came out from the public of United Kingdom, Scotland Yard counter-terrorism detectives requested that they are looking for the accurate information about these girls’ recent location because they want their back homes as their families are crying after missing.

It also reported by international media, an Iraqi security forces have planned to launch their offensive in forthcoming April or May, to kick out militants of Islamic States from Mosul city as they had captured the city months ago and targeting sinless people daily.