Published On: Sun, Dec 21st,

ISIS Reveals To Kill 100 of Foreign Associates

Damascus: Islamic State militant group, fighting in Iraq and Syria to establish Caliphate, has killed 100 of its foreign associates in Raqqa.

According to British newspaper the Financial Times revealed in a report that Islamic State has killed 100 of its foreign associates in Syrian city Raqqa trying to escape the militant group, however, no statement has came from ISIS in this regard.

On the other end, Islamic State militants has posted a video in which a Syrian citizen has been hanged in front of hundreds of people, the man has accused of installing tracking devices which helps the government security forces to attack the ISIS fighters.

US-led coalition airstrikes still continued in Syria and Iraq to demolish the Islamic State form the region, despite of these attacks ISIS is succeeded to hold different major areas of Iraq as well as Syria and made counter attacks including suicide bombings, car blast and target killing.

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