Published On: Sat, Nov 8th,

Islamic State Forced To Close All Schools in Eastern Syria

Syria: Islamic state militants reportedly shut down all schools in eastern Syria except religious education all classes has been called off.

Islamic State militants has called off all classes except religious education of Islam, shut down all schools in eastern Syria held by Islamic state on Friday.

British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights stated that decision has been announced just after a meeting held in mosque of Deir al-Zor city, ISIS leaders met with schools administration members.

ISIS militants, who captured all major areas of Syria including military air base and other important checkpoints, have instructed teachers to continue religious education but to stop all infidel education, the Observatory said on Wednesday.

An activist Abu Hussein al Deiri stated that students of age 12 including girls and boys led by school teachers have protested against this shut down, chanted that they want schools but many of them were afraid from extremist as ISIS militants beheaded many of civilians who disobey them or tried to raise voice against them.