Published On: Wed, Jul 22nd,

David Cameron Vowed to Launch 5 Years Plan to Remove Islamist Militant in Britain


One of the largest militant organization Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant has its roots in United Kingdom as it followers misleading young Muslim to use for their terrorist acts.

hence British Prime Minister vowed to launch a five-year strategy to remove completely Isil-inspired radicalization form the country.

The British PM David Cameron said in his statement attending a news conference in Birmingham city, in which he said as Hitler used the way to provoke young Germans to fight against others for his personal interests in the 20th century, same strategy, is being used by the Islamic State.

According to assessment, Islamic State of Iraq and Syria’s ideology appears to be bit similar to Hitler as Young Muslims are being misled using concepts of ‘discrimination, sectarianism and segregation’.

PM Cameron denied agreeing that Western foreign policy played main role to spread the roots of Islamic State of Iraq and Syria as well in its fame among Muslim populations in the West, though requesting people don’t think like that because such extremism rose years ago when Iraq war began.

Louise Casey who has been working for social welfare by British government as well leading a assessment into improving the integration of Britain’s minorities, revealed that PM Cameron will soon disclose the details about its ‘tsar’ for troubled families.

It said in report that the British authorities have learnt lessons as funding to self appointed organizations as well handing over some other support to help people but these communities have been misusing in conflict-ridden.

However, Mr. Cameron has all set to tackle Islamic State’s followers in country as to launch five years a comprehensive strategy alongside its administration and it would be difficult for militants to face new security plans in Britain.