Published On: Wed, Feb 25th,

US-led Attacks Hit Islamic States in Syria Close to Region Where Group Kidnapped 150 Christians

Washington: The United States had condemned over the kidnapping of about 150 Christians in Syria which done by the Iraq-Syria militant organization and US declared cruel and inhuman act of the extremist as they targeting minority.

The fighters of Islamic States had abducted more than 145 sinless Christians from Hasakeh province in northeast Syria, US authorities had claimed terror organization for instant release of the detainees with any condition as the taken into custody by ISIS last day.

Jen Psaki, spokesperson for US State Department said in statement that targeting minority as they had done last while abducting people, cruel and merciless act of militant group of Middle East who have toxic beliefs and wrong intentions to rule. He said the IS killed more Muslims during his actions.

The condemned while delineating the brutality of Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, who much targeted minority in Iraq, Syria, said that over 3,000 civilians were reportedly moved to safer places fear of militants as well as their houses and churches burnt by the terror group.

Jen Psaki described in statement, “People of all faiths and many religious leaders throughout the region have united in condemning ISIL’s depravity, including its mass killings, rape, sexual enslavement, lashing, stoning, crucifixion, torture, and public murders of hostages,”

The militants of Iraq-Syria terror group had taken into custody 150 people sinless Christians from Assyrian Christian villages, northeastern Syria in which children, elderly and women are added.

However, while expressing anger US-led anti-IS coalition attacked Islamic States hideouts in area where the people being kidnapped, US coalition conducted about more than ten strikes while targeting militants.