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Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in Sports

Sports isn’t limited to athletes only who have been known for highest earnings in the world but it is too wide which include several professions that aren’t famous and caught media attention but it is really surprising for you that beyond the sportsmen there are many people who are generating massive sum of money every year with their relation with sports.

It is often notified that who athlete get what contract for what price and it frequently disclosed on media by sponsors and investors on behalf of that person but you rarely listen about the contract of sports organizer, special doctor, media person and therapist among others which are some profession closely linked with sports but they are not most known and famous like athletes all around the world.

Here we have listed top ten highest paying jobs in sports so if you are athlete and didn’t participate in sports due to some physical or psychological reason then choose from the below jobs to start relation with sports in return of decent salary.

10: Sports Coach

Sports coaches help athletes to work towards achieving their full capacity in more efficient way to done their tasks, assist specialized sportspeople and teams to achieve goals in specialized way to improve their overall performance. Sports Coach can also be described as the most important people in sports industry beyond those athletes are unable to do well but with the sport of these they can give their best. Following all these characteristics they have been highly paid for their jobs making it one of highest paying jobs in sports, the median salary of sports coach in $29,000 approximately.

9: Photojournalist

Photojournalist can be defined as particular form of journalism deal with photography to present a story in form of images, in sports they have been considered as most important employees who did their job during gaming and capture the most stunning moments in their cameras. These people also well paid because it is indeed difficult job and everyone couldn’t do it without proper practice and experience of sports to know that what type of images can explain the whole game in much better way. The median salary of these people is about $30,000 becoming the highest paying jobs in sports.

8: Broadcaster

Before explaining the broadcaster one must knew the term broadcasting which refers to the coverage of any event on television or other media. Sports broadcaster can be stated as the media person who broadcast the whole event or game on TV via words and to do this these employees must know the special words and jargons of sports to explain the story in well manner. These people also received good sum against their job which can estimate up to $36,000, added in the list of highest paying jobs in sports because of net earnings at end of specified period or event.

7: Event Coordinator

Event coordinators or organizers are the most important people in every industry who are responsible for events from conception till to completion including opening, conferences, promotions, launchings, interviews, meetings and other relevant events throughout games. These people are considered to be the pillars of any happening and without them it is not possible any more so they collected great sum against their jobs nearly $45,000 because of high responsibility and dependability in their employments for which this profession in sports added in the list of highest paying jobs.

6: Advertising Account Executive

Another highest paying job in sports with median salary of $45,000, Advertising account executives work are those people who interact between clients and the advertising agencies to make sports product more interesting and appealing to gain maximum crowd in ground and audience through television and internet. The responsibility of these people include coordination of advertising campaigns and to know their clients’ needs and effective communication with them to maximize the sports activity and overall profits through the sports which can gave pathway to more games in future time with same clients if they earned well.

5: Public Relations Manager

Public Relation manager deals with public as name show but in specified manner to build preserve and manage the reputation of coordinating agencies in thoughts of public while improve and establish ne relation with clients. Public Relations manager utilizes different way to upgrade their understanding and support for clients and to escalate the behaviors and opinions of audience in positive way. These people are considered to be highly influential in any business including sports and paid heavily $58,000 for their services making the profession as the highest paying jobs in sports.

4: Sports Agent

A sport agent can be explained those people who interact and communicate with team owners, clubs, coaches and other relevant individuals including agencies on behalf of athletes. These people are the key person in sports and have been highly paid for their services which could be $65,000 approximately for which this profession successfully got the place in top highest paying jobs in sports. These people also responsible for getting best contract for their clients and even gave best options to sportsmen for their future while in some cases they deals endorsements, government procedure, maintain schedules among other sports issues.

3: Sports Psychologist

Sports directly deal with emotions and those who are able to control them can take best decision during game and beat their opponent in well manner. To be good in sports be acquainted with how to deal psychologically with the game and Sports Psychologists are those people who prepare the athletes for specified behavior and conduct in different situations to improve their performance. With net earnings of $69,000 this profession stands among the top paying jobs in sports because they are inevitable in sports and athletes needs them at every stage of their career from beginning to the end even when they got worldwide experience.

2: Sports Statistician

Sports can be stated as gaming in the fields but some players like Sports Statistician play with figures to take the best decision for their clients, considered important factors in gaming and through given statistics they have ability to predict the game in some way. These people undoubtedly get highest sum against their prediction because these can help athletes to play specified style and approach to compete others. Sports Statistician is one of highest paid job in sports with median salary of $73,000 paid to professional statistician for their services in sports.

1: Physical Therapist

The highest paying job in sports is Physical Therapist, if you are highly-educated, licensed health care professionals and know the practice to reduce pain and improve or restore mobility of patients that this could be best profession which can pay $76,000 estimated. The responsibility of Physical Therapist may include remediation of impairments and disabilities along with evaluation, diagnosis and physical intervention of their client athletes and make them ready for their next game. The physical fitness of player is the primary job of Physical Therapist among other services so that the performance can’t suffer because of physical condition.


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