Published On: Fri, Sep 30th,

Saudis Reject US 9/11 Act as Threat to Sovereignty, Russia Says It Damages International Law

Saudi Arabia approves congress and the act which allows the victims of the families of 9 / 11 in the damages of Riyadh and Sue them. The claims of this attack weakens all the immunity in the region and the slam of Russia is legislated by the undermine law internationally.

According to the source of Saudi Foreign Ministry, they speak of the state run by the agency of Saudi Press and the Justice against the Sponsors of Terrorism Act and they contribute with the erosion of principle and the immunity of sovereignty. The stones of cornerstones are in the international relations. This law is claimed to be the source of the negative impact of the nations which includes the United States.

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The stress of diplomat for many experts and nations opposes the JASTA due to the dangers in the bill which represents the opposition and is posed with the Barack Obama, the president and the defense of US Secretary.

According to the official expression, the wisdom hope prevails in the congress and it takes important steps to the legislation correction in order to avoid some kind of serious and unintended issues.

Congress was voted on Wednesday and they chose to override the presidency of the Obama under veto power in the last week.

The resolution of House was in 3815 and it created the exception of the immunity of serenity law and the acts of the countries under the terrorism act. The Americans were killed in the soil of US.

The shield was given to Saudi Arabia on 11th September, 2001 under the attack of terrorist.

About 19 men were hijacked with the airlines of commercial act and the target to World trade center was given to it with the Pentagon and these were subjected to the Gulf Kingdom.

The victims of 9 / 11 were punished badly and Saudi does not support the crime here. The statement shows the common sense of the person because the people who are willing to show the justice to the people and they usually blackmail the countries who are against.


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Saudis Reject US 9/11 Act as Threat to Sovereignty, Russia Says It Damages International Law

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