Published On: Sat, Dec 13th,

Saudi Arabia Beheads 10th Pakistani Over Drug Trafficking


Riyadh: Saudi Arabia beheaded another Pakistani national on Thursday, involved in smuggling heroin in the state bringing to 10th execution since October.

International media reported that a Pakistani citizen named Fayaz Mohammad Azam has been executed in Saudi Arabia; he was sentenced to death over drug trafficking in Saudi state.

Fayaz Mohammad has been beheaded on Thursday in Saudi capital Riyadh, bringing to total execution of Pakistanis to number 10 since October without considering the international concerns on high number of execution in the state.

Earlier, International human rights groups has accused Saudi government over violation of human rights also breach international laws as total beheadings reached to 79 with the recent death sentence while total 45 Pakistanis have been punished to death over drug smuggling.

Saudi authorities stated that use of drug is harmful and detrimental for both individuals and society, government has been forced to take strict measures to eliminate drug use and trafficking from the kingdom.