Published On: Tue, Nov 4th,

Shooting Kills Five People in Eastern Saudi Arabia


Riyadh: Shooting killed five people in eastern region of Saudi Arabia on Monday evening, 14 were injured in this attack.

Saudi media reported that five people shot dead in the village of al-Dalwah in an attack, carried out by three gunmen on Monday evening.

According to Saudi Press Agency three masked gunmen shot with machine guns and pistols on Monday evening, when Shiite Muslims coming out from the building after Ashura ceremony that commemorates the death of Hazrat Imam Hussain (R.A), the grandson of Prophet Mohammad (SAWW).

The attackers targeted Shiite Muslims in the district of al-Ahsa, the eastern region of Saudi Arabia which is also the main centre of Shiite community which is about 15% of Sunni ruled country.

Saudi officials told that 15 suspects have been arrested from different cities over links with shootings and investigation has been continue, however, no information has been provided about the identities of attackers involved in the shooting.

Saudi Arabia’s supreme council of Sunni clerics censured the shooting stated that terrorist want to distress the unity and stability of Saudi Arabia.