Published On: Sat, Jan 31st,

Shikarpur Bombing: Explosion at Shiite Muslim Mosque Kills At Least 56

Karachi: Shikarpur bombing at Shiite Muslim mosque in the Lakhidar area during Friday prayer killed more than 56, injured 50 including many children.

According to Pakistani media the deadliest sectarian attack hit the populated city of Sindh province, killed more than 56 in Lakhidar area of Shikarpur city while nearly 50 were injured in powerful bombing during Friday prayer at Shiite Muslim mosque Karbala-e-Moalla Imambargah.

Shikarpur authorities said that bomb exploded at the ground floor of Shiite mosque when about 300 people present offering Friday prayer leaded by Imam Maulvi Tanveer Hussain Shah, the powerful explosion has been heard in many surrounded areas which killed 56 at scene.

Local resident trying the dig the ground to evacuate survivors and taken them to nearby hospitals of Shikarpur city and sucker district using private vehicles like cars, motorcycles or vans , wounded people have been hospitalized in Shikarpur medical centers, an emergency has been declared in the city hospitals.

Hospital sources revealed that many of people have severe injuries and are in critical situation which may increase the causalities; however, severely wounded people have been taken to Karachi hospital using helicopters.

Allama Abbas Kumaili, Chief of Jafria Alliance Pakistan, announced three-day mourning in the province stated it Black Friday, called province-wide strike on Saturday also demanded Martial-law in the province that democratic government unable to hold the peace and security in the region.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has condemned the vicious attack while many of others including Chairman of PTI Imran Khan, MQM head Altaf Hussain, PPP leaders also censured the attack and backed the strike and three-day mourning.

Jandullah militant group has claimed the responsibility of the attack, the spokesperson Fahad Marwat of splinter TTP group has stated that we are behind the attack of Shiite mosque and we accept it happily, he didn’t explain how they make it possible or commit the bombing. The militant group also involved in bomb blast on religious minorities in the country.