Published On: Sun, May 24th,

Suicide Attack Bombing Kills 20 in Saudi Arabian Mosque, Injures Dozens


Riyadh: A suicide bomb blast at Shia mosque in eastern Saudi Arabia has killed 20 people and injured more than 50 others during Friday prayer, Islamic State claimed the responsibly for bombing.

In the eastern province of Saudi Arabia, a Shia mosque has been targeted through suicide bombing during Friday prayer which killed at least twenty while dozens were injured in this attack who were admitted into nearby hospitals of Qatif, however, most of them are in critical condition which may rise death toll.

Interior Ministry officials have stated that bombing made at Shia mosque in al-Qadhi village of Saudi Arabian eastern province Qatif, the bomber has exploded him during Friday prayer when there were nearly 150 people offering the prayer in which at least 20 were killed at the scene while many of were badly wounded.

Saudi authorities have started investigation against the suicide attack and claimed that they would leave no stone unturned for search of responsible while Saudi Grand Mufti has condemned the attack said that the only purpose of these terror activities is to divide the public on the basis of sectarianism.

Islamic Stated has claimed the responsibility of the attack using social networking site and posted the image of suicide bomber with the name Abu ’Ammar al-Najdi, it is no surprise that ISIS hit the peaceful worshippers as militant group often involved in such activities.

In November an attack has been made via gunfire which killed at least eight people at commemoration ceremony which in the same month of last year, an audio message from IS Chief Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi asked Saudi followers to attack Shia community in the region.