Published On: Mon, May 18th,

latest Bollywood update; Aamir Khan Gains 20 Kg Weight for Film Dangal

Mumbai: Indian film star Aamir Khan has gained 15 kg weight for his upcoming movie Dangal in which he portrayed the role of 55-year-old wrestler.

According to Indian media Bollywood star Aamir Khan has buffed up and now weight nearly 90 kg ready to look like a wrestler in upcoming Indian film Dangal, the star has reportedly gained 20 kg weight for the character of 55-year-old wrestler to adopt his character in the movie.

Nitesh Tiwari directorial Dangal is based on life of a wrestler Mahavir Phogat and his daughters Geeta, Babita and Sangita, the actor is undergoing strenuous workout sessions to acquire strength of a wrestler after gaining the weight required for the role.

Aamir Khan has didn’t do it first time in his career of Bollywood but often he gain of loose weight with respect to his character in the film, in past he gained weight for film Ghajini.

Health expert suggests that gain or lose of 3-4 kilos can be expected in a short span of time but massive gain like 10 kilos isn’t possible without steroids but there use cause problems like high blood pressure, heart attacks, impotence, and even death.

The PK star has told media about his next character that he is preparing him for the character of his upcoming film Dangal which is slated to hit the theaters in next few months but exact date still not announced while casting is continues for the film.

I am vegetarian now I can’t even eat eggs… I am 90 kilos now, Aamir stated about his weight with revelation of his weight during filming of last blockbuster movie that he has weigh 68 kilos at time of shooting PK.