Published On: Thu, May 21st,

Osama Bin Laden Seeks Son Hamza as Head of Al Qaeda


Osama Bin Laden documents revealed by CIA described that he was seeking his favorite son Hamza as head of Al Qaeda, suggested jihadist to carry on attacking United States instead of targeting Muslim States.

According to international media documents found in Pakistani compound of Osama bin Laden where he hunkered down by United States Navy Seals, declassified by CIA on Wednesday revealed that Osama wants to continue battle against United States instead of fighting with Muslim eastern countries.

Osama Bin Laden, the former Al-Qaeda leader, was seeking to groom his favorite son, Hamza, into becoming the head of Al Qaeda while wrote in letter to jihadists to smuggle Hamza in Pakistan fot training and embraced him with terror network Al Qaeda.

Central Intelligence Agency has reportedly provided more than 100 of newly declassified documents to international news agency that came up with several revelations including some of important letter Osama wrote to his family members, jihadists and his son Hamza.

Media reported that the release of declassified documents came just after US journalist Seymour Hersh blamed White House that hunt for Bin Laden led to his death was just propaganda which also disclosed that Pakistani ISI also involved in the operation and provide secure way to SEALs to plot the hunt.

White House spokesperson has denied the report published in London based newspaper that claimed that President Obama and CIA jointly made fool the citizens of America and Pakistani intelligence agency closely worked with United States to kill Osama Bin Laden.

Intelligence officials said t Al-Qaeda leader was particularly interested in France’s economy and conspiracy theories and his texts suggested Bin Laden was possibly planning to strike at the French economy in hopes of triggering a wider collapse in the West.

One of most important revelation is that Osama was keen to attack United States despite of battle with other Muslim countries while letters clearly showing his adversary to America among other West States.