Published On: Thu, May 21st,

ISIS Fighters Takes Control of Syria’s Historic City Of Palmyra


Damascus: Islamic State militants have took control of Syria’s historic city of Palmyra after pulling out the pro-government forces from Tadmur, is likely to demolish the ancient heritage sites in it.

The foreign news agency reported that Islamic State militants have seized the Syria’s historic town, Palmyra defeated President Bashar Assad’s forces and pulled them out from Tadmur, took full control of the city and is likely to destroy ancient heritage as it demolished ancient sites in Iraq and Syria in past.

Syrian Observatory monitoring group has stated on Thursday that fight continues since a week that forced Syrian troops to withdraw from the region, ISIS has reportedly took hold of western and northern regions of city while many of buildings have been seized by ISIS militants.

Syria’s state-run news agency has revealed that 100 Syrian regime troops were killed overnight fighting against ISIS in and around Palmyra, however, forces are present around the region but they were moving from the place without fight with militants of Islamic State.

The region’s most renowned historic sites are present at south-west of the town and government officials have fears that extremists will destroy them because they demolished most of sites in Iraq and Syria in past, although there is no report of destruction of sites still received.

Palmyra is renowned for its 2,000-year-old Roman-era colonnades and before war, thousands of tourists a year visited remote desert outpost that also known as the Bride of the Desert but the collapse of pro-government forces have spawned fears that ISIS militants will possibly destroy the sites designated as World Heritage Sites.

Islamic State militant group has gained second win in recent days after capturing Ramadi, the capital of Iraq’s largest Sunni province few days ago after killing more than three hundred including troops and civilians to take control on the city.