Published On: Sat, May 16th,

ISIS Seize Several Government Buildings of Iraqi City Ramadi


Baghdad: Islamic State militants have seized several government building including Great Mosque of Iraqi city Ramadi, going strong in the region.

The international media reported that heavy fighting between government security forces and Islamic State militants continues in capital city of Anbar province of Iraq to capture the city; ISIS seized several buildings including police headquarters and Ramadi’s great Mosque among other government offices.

Iraq Police authorities states that SISI militants attacked the city of Thursday following nearly ten suicide bombings and armored bulldozers to blow the walls and gates of building and captured the several government building while most of city has black flags with ISIS trademark.

US-led coalitions supported the Iraqi troops of ground by eight airstrikes targeting various Islamic State posts and infrastructure but it looks like they are unable to control the offensive heading to several attacks on posts of security forces to push them back.

According to reports at least 47 troops and 26 unarmed civilians killed in the attacks while ISIS militants have seized more than 50 security personnel in continuous fight between government forces and Islamic State militants who already took control of more than half of province after battling for months.

ISIS claimed on Friday that they have seized many of government building and other offices have been demolished, Iraqi government has also confirmed the claim that most of building in the Iraqi city of Ramadi, capital of Anbar province, has been controlled by ISIS.

United States White House said on Friday that they are going to expedite weapon shipment in Iraq including shoulder held rockets, additional ammunition and other supplies to aid the US-led coalition and Iraqi security forces because of present fighting in Ramadi.