Published On: Thu, May 21st,

Top 10 Tips How to Optimize YouTube Videos Views for SEO


Inbound marketing is a phenomenon by which the company makes itself easy to be found and takes the attention of customers by giving them an interesting content. It is all about to increase their customer services and making a good relationship with them.

Improvement of a brand is totally depends upon the easiness that will be provided to the customers and the readers by giving them certain facilities such facilities which helps to strengthen the bond between the customers and the company.

Here below we will discuss the top ten tips as to How optimization of YouTube videos for SEO will be done.

10. Quality of Website Content
Website’s content is of great significance and on the same note their quality also marks an important role. Inbound marketing is a very vast field in which very much things matter such as blogs, e books, white papers, podcasts, videos etc. But on the contrary there comes certain points that are beyond summarization. These things and some other ones are said to be the foundation of inbound marketing.

9. Driving Engagement with Videos
Despite of blog spots, podcasts, and articles that provides driving engagement to the peoples websites. But with the changing time the ways of making ones website more amusing, he has to look for the things that can engage more and more people in it. Videos have become one of the most important parts of content marketing. As we know content marketing is a pure creative aspect of retaining the users. It is mostly used to bring the users back and making them to built an experience that are not been provided by any other thing.

8. Title and Description
Titles and descriptive thing for a video is quite essential for making it successful. One has to pick the title very carefully by adding some keywords that will make it interesting. If the title of a video is good enough then it will help to engage more and more people into it which is the only objective of this thing. The title of a particular that has to be uploaded should be attractive and simple.

7. Tags
SEO is the main cause of all this work and in order to bring the SEO to a better place one has to know a certain things about tagging of a video. Why is this important? This is because it makes a user to feel comfortable and easy to find your video without any hard surfing. That’s why certain keywords and tags of that video help to generate more and more user ratings and their reviews.

6. Inbound Links
The quality of a person’s healthy inbound links plays a major role in SEO. Inbound links are necessary to make a great video rank on YouTube. The easiest way to find a good and better inbound link is from outside YouTube and if it is found to be difficult, then a user must know about embedding the link from which website. If this all explanation is making you to think that it is impossible then refers your problem to a reliable and trustworthy company. Sharing of videos on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites and other bookmarking websites is also of immense importance.

If a person is uploading a popular video like songs, entertainment of any kind or some fashionable things then it is more often thought that he will get good view in no time. The only thing one has to do is to upload the video in good quality and the list of ones email, social media websites and other platforms for making it more and more attractive to the users and to make them to give good views. It is to be always kept in mind that the video ranking of YouTube is solely based on the views given to a video on daily basis.

4. Rating and Comments
Rating, comments and views are said to be synonyms of each other but there is a minor distinction between them. Views are as described above for the popularity of a particular video. On the other hand ratings and comments are the things that can give the video to rise up the ladder of high rank as high as the rating and comments are growing. Comments open the door of more users to look the video and bring others to it.

3. Publish Videos on Other Sites
As we know if one wants to be successful in gaining a job he has to apply for different companies. Just like this if one has to make it video on a higher rank then he has to upload it in more than one website, in order to get more and more views and comments. But uploading on YouTube is of immense significance because it is the biggest video network in the world. YouTube can benefit ones videos in quite a lot of ways than other video link websites because of its trustfulness among the surfers of the internet.

2. Video Contents
Video contents are basically divided into two categories one is in written form and the other is in video form. Whatever the video content should be? It plays a major role in making the video popular. That is so because It makes the user to find that particular video in a more simple and easy way just like the things described above. Whenever public find something easy about anything they start to prefer it ordinarily.

1. Length of Description
On the other hand, the description should also include the keyword once or twice, but avoid stuffing of the keywords uselessly. You can also include a link to your website in the description to drive traffic.

This all proves that the optimization of YouTube videos for SEO is important as it drives immense traffic to your website, and generated new leads.

Length of description is essentially important. The description as we know must be in keywords in order to make it easy for the users but on the same hand it doesn’t mean to use the keywords repeatedly or uselessly. A link can also be added to the description so the people found it more attractive.

This all is important because the optimization of YouTube videos for SEO makes ones website more attractive, useful and also increases the user rating of it.