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Top 10 Alternatives To Google Adsense; If You Google Adsense Banned Use These Alternatives

Google AdSense is the current leader in content sensitive web based marketing, considered as principal advertisement system to monetize websites or blogs. Google’s terms and conditions are extremely hard and fast that many of web publishers didn’t take access adsense adverts for their sites.

On the other side there are webmasters who have denied joining Google AdSense program because of its strict conditions and unwanted updates while some of publishers are unable to use Adsense accounts for being disabled for irrepressible reasons.

The problem in choosing the alternative of Google AdSense is that most of alternatives are pretty useless while others interested in website having large number of visitors instead of small websites and blogs.

Here we have compiled updated list of Google’s AdSense alternatives which are most popular and best to monetize the website.

10: SkimLinks
Skimlinks provides you with a highly automated way to monetize entire content present on the website or blog used for earning.

It basically focuses on two main approaches; first is renowned approach of monetizing phrases on site by automatically converting it into affiliate links while second is a unique through which Skimlinks can take regular links and redirect it through affiliate servers.

SkimLinks automatically turn the links into an equivalent affiliate link when user clicks by redirecting through Skimlinks servers and every click that Skimlinks is able to affiliate hold a commission.


9: Intellilinks
Intellilinks specializes to place an organic text links across a growing network of sites to build rank and visitors for advertisers and increased revenue for publishers as well.

The emerging Google’s Adsense is emphasized on providing cutting edge technology, while flawless and protected system to bring results to their clients and revenue to their publishers merely.

Intellilinks allows publishers to place ads on website using either PHP script or WordPress plugin which have been automatically approved or manually reviewed with time.


8: RevenueHits
Unlike competitors RevenueHits keep website to be very smooth and well designed with an easy to use and navigate user interface.

It offer different Ad placements including some that are unique to revenue hits like Banner, Popunder, Slider, Top Banner and Footer. The setting up of ads on the website or blog is quite easy and simple as these can be place by JavaScript within html where the adverts is to be placed.

RevenueHits is a newcomer in the market of placing online advertisement but stand among the best alternatives to Google Adsense for small websites and blogs.


7: VigLink
Viglink works by monetizing key phrases on website and blogs by converting it into affiliate links same as Skimlinks which placed regular links on site and then redirect through servers.

The customized setting of VigLink following above technologies with controllable links, VigLink is direct competitor to Skimlinks and publishers can receive more than placing Amazon feeds on the websites.

The easy and simple affiliation for publishers and customized placements and packages made it best alternative to Google Adsense.


6: Clicksor
Clicksor is one of the current leaders of the small publisher Adsense competition, leading the market with 85% of publishers following wide network and high cost per click bid values which enable users to earn decent sum of money.

The terms and conditions are also not too strict allowing the publishers to place context sensitive ad blocks on a single site after placing a single pop-up or DHTML code.

The context sensitive ads is an open advantage of Clicksor on other alternatives while through latest technology ads will also be shown on targeted content of site.


5: Adversal
Adversal is an emerging Adsense alternative that has high quality banners and revenue and CTR adapts automatically to get best possible outcomes from prescribed website.

Adversal is one of the best if replacement of Google Adsence is evitable supporting languages other than English having features that most of services do not hold.

Adversal also that claims they allowed the website having minimum fifty thousand page views per month offers quick and easy payment via PayPal starting from the payout of $20 only.


4: Infolinks
Infolinks indexes page looking for keywords and phrases and converts them into advertizing links opens up showing the ad which the mouse cursor goes on the keyword having link.

It claims to be leading the industry having relevant in text advertising links and highest revenue share also guaranteed. The in-text advertizing is also functional it website is not built completely or under process.

Infolinks place the links on page very effectively that it seems to be part of content on website but when clicked it gave earning to its publisher.


3: is among prominent alternatives to Google Adsense offers a reasonably good earning to its publisher and became most attractive way to monetize website. is a comprehensive advertising system providing Pay per Click (PPC) and Cost per Action (CPA) to publishers and advertisers as well.

One of best alternative is not needed any US social security number or other such thing but started with a valid email address, supported all regular content pages and new feeds present on website for visitors.

2: Chitika
Chitika is leading alternative to Google AdSense with respect to revenue and size of network following its more than 200,000 active publishers all over world. Chitika is based in Massachusetts and very close to Yahoo and after Yahoo shut down its Affiliate Program all publishers have referred to Chitika.

A very balance existing advertising programs which uses additional Ad Units that are different from standard ad boxes, pop-unders contrary to competitors. Chitika provides dynamic boxes to websites through which targeted products from various manufacturers have shown to the visitors.


1: Bidvertiser
Bidvertiser is a tremendous alternative to Google’s Adsense which offers exciting ad formats specifying look and dimensions of text ads.

Despite of most of advertisers close the free design ads by controlling the layout of the ads Bidvertiser continued it and bid reasonable income to its publishers with support of Pop-under ads and XML feeds.

In order to keep website high quality BidVertiser gives a simple point-and-click tool to customize layout of ads to fit site’s look and design, however, policies of Bidvertiser are somewhat strict as compare to other alternatives.


  • Although Google adsense is one of the best program but it’s cpc is continuously degrading and that is somewhat disgruntled for me Hence I am looking for affiliate marketing which is far more better than that of adsense.

  • My google Adsense account is suspended and I have been opting for other networks now. But approval is getting late. Which one gives faster approval? Any Ideas?


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