Published On: Sat, Jun 27th,

Top 10 List of Most Expensive Restaurants in the World

If you are keen to travel in different countries all around the world than it is sure than these restaurants have been went under consideration for some time.

Many of restaurants have offered privileged and lavish way of life and very high end service level throughout stay of their customers and have popular for being more exclusive, exceptional, innovative and placed at some of world’s striking and beautiful locations.

Here, we are talking about the most expensive restaurants in the world and the reasons of its high cost are because of its unique atmosphere, lavish living standard, delicious food and service quality.

Tourists have also take them more attractive and appealing following their offering without considering the cost, top ten most expensive restaurants in the world in given below.

10: Masa (New York City)

Located on Time Warner Center in New York City, the Japanese-sushi restaurant Masa was opened by Chef Masa Takayama in 2004. Masa is most expensive restaurants in New York City and one of most expensive all around the globe costing $450 per person without adding tip money, tax or drinks cost.

The restaurant has been received highest rating while garnered recognition in New York City as Japanese restaurant while also ranked at the Forbes Travel Guide taking five out of five stars.

9: Misoguigawa (Kyoto)

Misoguigawa restaurant is one of the pioneers of French’Kaiseki following Kyoto-style Japanese meals that uses traditional Japanese dinning service to heighten dishes that blend two great styles of cooking. Misoguigawa has been pleasing it’s most challenging guests from all around the planet since over 30 years and introduced in overseas guidebooks becoming Japan’s three-star restaurants.

It has considered as ideal destination for tourists because of its charming location and views around the restaurant while its taste is sample the cooking of the ancient capital.

8: Le Pre Catelan (Paris)

Owned by the company Lenôtre Le Pre Catelan is an exceptional place in the Bois de Boulogne park of Paris, offers dishes starting from just $85. The tourists are keen to visit the restaurants making it most preferred destination of foreign guests who enjoy and please with mouth watering and delicious foods.

Le Pre Catelan is been located in very tremendous locaton which has been undoubtedly loved by anyone who travel a lost must spend some time there to make it memorable and unforgettable.

7: Beige (Toyko)

Located at Chanel building in Tokyo’s Ginza neighborhood Beige is another well-regarded restaurants by famous chef Alain Ducasse which has been considered as exceptional blend of Russian and French classics.

Beige owns a very soft décor with mocha & creme tinted fabrics while the walls and ceiling have stretched lining making the entire place very pleasant and comfortable setting. The restaurants is an ideal venue for any event either get together with families, hang on with friends or an office tour the places gives the best taste all around the region.

6: Gordon Ramsay (London)

Three Michelin star Gordon Ramsay restaurant is placed at Royal Hospital Road, London, the first solo restaurant owned by famous chef, restaurateur, and TV personality.

Gordon Ramsay restaurant has been considered as one of prestigious and prominent following its meal and service, described as best restaurant in Britain and second best in the country. The restaurants offers exclusive limited time packages to their guests while seasonal specials menu are aside giving its best to delight the people came to taste Gordon Ramsay.

5: Restaurant Crissier (Switzerland)

Restaurant Crissier is the fine place to dine offering the quality service, warm welcome; energy and enthusiasm of chef staff give a feel of royalty.

There is nothing to say about the taste but only that it is perfect and fine making the visit great experience for its guest who undoubtedly not take the meal but please them with fabulous services. It has wide range of dishes for varied people to satisfy not only food making but with delicious taste and lavish style.

4: Aragawa (Tokyo)

World’s most expensive restaurant Aragawa is little steak house in Shinbashi district of Tokyo, one of high-end restaurant in Japan. Though, Aragawa didn’t have any personal online point or grandiose setting but to make reservations of it is agonizingly and it is absolutely exciting experience.

Like many other Japanese restaurants it has very little interior and its décor didn’t contrast with high cost but its wooden walls, classic ceilings, typical wallpaper and red velvet gave a unique experience to visitors.

3: Restaurant Le Meurice (Paris)

Alain Ducasse consider meal as a story and table as stage so when comes to Le Meurice restaurant, the well-known chef came with luxurious style rooms furnished with crystal chandeliers, bronze, and frescoes Romantic elegance.

Located in Paris Le Meurice is one of most expensive restaurant in the world following its purified food and strength of taste that made is excessively best in the town. It believed on that taste is the only truth before the guests while décor depicts the style of restaurant.

2: Ithaa Undersea Restaurant (Maldives)

Ithaa Undersea Restaurant stands among the most beautiful and expensive restaurants all around globe, surrounded by vibrant coral gardens giving panoramic views of tranquility sea life passing along it.

Ithaa serves contemporary European cuisine on the bottom of the Indian Ocean adding some extra cost to the meal but it is nothing before the exceptional setting everyone keen to visit. The food is quite good but the appetizer and desserts offered are great and no one denied the fantastic taste and exclusive experience.

1: Sublimotion (Ibiza)

Chef Paco Roncero owned Sublimotion is the most expensive restaurant on the planet offering a true royal experience, the Hard Rock Hotel in Playa de Bossa. The undoubtedly radical restaurants walls virtual light show while tableware has exclusive garden scene having fluttering butterflies and Versailles style paintings.

Sublimotion is the restaurants about which words didn’t explain well about the restaurant bit its look and visit describe everything that is just glorious and unforgettable which haven’t been offered by any restaurant yet.