Published On: Wed, Jan 14th,

Al Qaeda In Yemen Claims Responsibility For Charlie Hebdo Attack

Al-Qaeda in Yemen released a video in which he claims the attack last week against Charlie Hebdo. Iran considers that a magazine is an insulting gesture.

In a video released on Wednesday, Al-Qaeda in Yemen claimed the attack last week by Kouachi brothers in the offices of the weekly Charlie Hebdo. For its part, Iran whose moderate president Hassan Rohani had condemned last week violence and terrorism, held that the cover of French magazine was an nsulting gesture.

It undermines the feelings of Muslims and abuse of freedom of expression, which is shed now in the West, is unacceptable and must be prevented, said the spokesman for the Iranian Foreign Marzieh Afkham little avnat the spread of al-Qaeda in Yemen video.

In the latter, one of the leaders of Al Qaeda in Yemen, Nasser bin Ali al-Anassi, said: We wish to state for the Muslim nation that it is we who chose the target, financed operation and recruited its leader, says in this video. He added that “the operation was carried out by order of our Emir Ayman al-Zawahiri and in accordance with the posthumous desire of Osama bin Laden.

Heroes were recruited and they have done, he has declared.

In this video that lasts just under 12 minutes, the leader and highlighted in black in front of a video screen on which images are broadcast addition of the flag of the organization of events and news images describing the attack as well pictures of the two brothers Kouachi.

And there again accuses the intervention of France in Mali and generally denounced France, which supports the annihilation of Muslims in central Africa.

If this claim comes opportunely on the day of the sale of the said number survivors of the magazine, the claim is not entirely new.

In a statement released late last week, the Yemeni branch of the terrorist organization, claimed to have actually already ordered the attack Kouachi brothers and chose Charlie Hebdo targeted.

The operation was inspired by threats from Osama bin Laden against the freedom of Western expression, and what is considered ‘blasphemous’ against the sacred elements of Islam, explained the statement.

When they attack, the Kouachi brothers had repeatedly claiming to belong to Al-Qaeda Yemen.