Published On: Thu, Feb 12th,

Famous German Rapper AKA ‘Deso Dogg,’ Named By U.S. As ISIS Terrorist

The famous German rapper Dennis Cuspert famously known as Deso Dogg has been declared as one of the most wanted person and has been named in the black list issued by USA.

Famous German Rapper Denis Cupert who embraced Islam and now is officially known as Abu-Talha al-Almani joined ISIS which is considered as an off shoot of Al Qaeda, has become an important commando of the terrorist group.

Denis’s name has been added to a U.S, terror blacklist and identified as belonging to an ISIS group since 2012.

Denis traded his middling career on the music Berlin scene to become the face of the German grown terror, first in Al-Qaeda and then the most notorious terrorist group ISIS so called Caliphate. In recent years 39 year old Cuspert has been declared as a “global terrorist”, who had appeared in numerous propaganda videos aimed at recruiting German jihadists.

However, there had been a rumour that Cuspert was killed until he appeared in a macabre video that surfaced last November.

In the video Cuspert is seen with other militants who were shooting and beheading the captured prisoners, in the video Cuspert do not kill anyone but holds the severed head and announces that the dead were enemies of ISIS.

“That’s why they’ve received the death sentence,” Cuspert announces in German on the video.
According to sources Denis Cupsert is an important commando of the militant wing and stands in the focus of security circles because of his essential role for Islamic State, he is considered as planner of ISIS operations.

According to another source who had taken part in investigations of Cuspert told that Cuspert and Austrian cleric Mohammad Mahmud are the leaders of Islamic state’s German speaking body.