Published On: Mon, Jan 19th,

France’s Le Pen: US or Israeli Agents behind Paris Attacks



Paris: The founder of France’s far right Front National, Jean-Marie Le Pen has stated that US or Israeli intelligence agencies may behind the Paris massacre.

According to foreign news agency the former chairman of France’s far right Front National party has claimed that Paris massacre may have been work of United States and Israeli intelligence agencies, comparing it with conspiracy of 9/11 attacks and pointed out some similarities.

Jean-Marie Le Pen said that agencies motive look very clear that to create gap between West and Islam to spark civil war among them, this is too ridiculous that ID card of one attacker fell into car same as the card of terrorist found in New York after 9/11 incident.

Le pan likens the 1,500,000 participants with Charlie Chaplins rather than Charlies, who marched against hatred in Paris and said themselves Charlies.

Earlier this month two attacker stormed at the French magazine Charlie Hebdo and killed 12 staff member including four of cartoonists while in different attacks in Paris bring total to at least 20 killings in last few weeks with a suicide of French police commissioner who was investigating the magazine massacre.