Published On: Sat, Jan 17th,

Paris Armed Man Arrested In Post Office Hostage Safely Rescued


Paris: In France during operation police arrested assailant who has captured post office and both the persons who were hostage are rescued safely.

According to French news agency in Columbus which is located in northwest suburb of Paris town where one armed person entered in post office, has taken two people into hostage the persons who are in post office at that time.

However some people are able to get rid from post office when armed person hostage two persons there.
On which police surrounded the building and start investigation, very soon during action against gunman police arrested him and rescued safely the both hostages. However police did not release further details about this case.

The gunman was armed with Kalashnikov, a gun and numerous grenades. The incident took place about 12:00 GMT. After some negotiations, the armed person handed himself over the police.

Now, the assailant is under police custody and police investigated from him. BFM TV says no one is injured in this incident.

Some news channels are said that the gunman is “disappointed in love” and after surrender he speaks of “heart break”. Now police did not release further information about this.