Published On: Sun, Nov 23rd,

A North Korean Student kidnapped in Paris



Han was kidnapped in early November in the French capital by Asians. The work of North Korean secret agents is proposed without this being formally established.

Taken to the airport for his exhilaration to his country of origin, Han would always according to our information, successful, at least temporarily, to escape his captors.

The media South Korean wonder: is it still on the run? A he was captured again? Has he taken refuge with the French authorities or South Korean diplomats?

The Police went to French National School of Architecture Paris-La Villette and at Crous Paris, November 14, to unravel the son of this story. Deputy Director of the school, Caroline Lecourtois, said Thursday he had no information on the status of the student, or that of its four North Korean classmates also enrolled in the school, including KBS Korean state television said Wednesday they were found.

Han was studying in France since 2011, as new comrades sent by Pyongyang and distributed in the national architecture schools of Paris-La Villette and Paris-Belleville. The French authorities remained discreet on this program, launched in 2002, which has already issued ten masters in the first group, whose members have studied eight years in various schools of architecture in France .

“This is not an agreement between our school and a university or a foreign school, but from state to state,” says the director of the school of Paris-Belleville, François Brouat.

His school receives five students at the request of the Ministry of Culture , which it depends, following a request from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs , according to Brouat. ”Obviously, it is not an exchange program: We do not send our students to Pyongyang “, he says. The five students Belleville today continue their studies as usual, he said. One confirmed himself Thursday morning at a South Korean television station came to inquire about their fate.

These are the North Korean authorities who chose architecture as a field of study for this program, according to its instigator French, Jean-Noël Juttet, former cultural attaché at the Embassy of France in Japan , quoted by Street Press site .He had published a survey on the North Korean students in October 2013. It is also the Korean authorities who selected the candidates.